Former San Leandro mayoral candidate Dan Dillman with video of a UFO last Friday. Click to full screen mode for a better view of the object.

Dan Dillman, left, during a mayoral forum last
fall in San Leandro.

SAN LEANDRO | San Leandro theater owner Dan Dillman believes he witnessed a UFO last Friday night and he has video of the reddish-orange orb floating in the sky over East 14th Street and Bancroft Avenue.

Dillman, ran for San Leandro mayor last fall, but he is also an expert on other worldly phenomena after appearing last year on an episode of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens.”

After leaving the Bal Theatre, which he owns and operates, Dillman says he saw the object in sky. He pulled over and got a better look.

He stared at relatively stationary object for awhile, which appeared to be pulsating high in the sky. At times, the object looked like a ring, he says. “This is definitely not a helicopter,” said Dillman after investigating the UFO. The video above shows the object as white, but Dillman says in person, it was actually red and orange.

“This is not so strange in San Leandro. Lots of people are seeing objects,” he says, before noting a number of videos online.

Dillman first posted the video on Facebook and may offer it to MUFON, a non-profit group that investigates UFO sightings.

However, he doesn’t want people to think he’s part of tinfoil hat crowd. Instead, he believes people need to have an open mind about what they see in the sky. The East Bay is ground zero for numerous government agencies doing top secret work, he says.

“People assume we’re talking about aliens. UFO means “Unidentified Flying Object.” That’s what we saw Friday night.”

Meanwhile, K-Ci and JoJo are appearing at the Bal Theatre this Saturday night, he adds, “Tickets are still available.”