On second thought: Ellen Corbett is taking leave
from HUSD for a legislative appointment.

LEGISLATURE | After former State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett was termed out of office last December, the parlor room bets were immediately taken over where she would land next. Some guessed a judicial appointment could be in her future, but that didn’t happen. Neither was a congressional seat in the cards.

Instead, Corbett took a newly-created $168,000 a year government affairs job in mid-December with the Hayward Unified School District.

But, less than two months on the job, Corbett was already seeking an appointment to the infamous landing spot for termed out legislators, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

On Thursday, the State Senate Rules Committee named Corbett to the government board, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Corbett will be taking a cut in pay, however, earning over $128,000 annual from her new position. The long-time San Leandro politician will not be drawing two salaries.

A letter to the rules committee from the Hayward school district’s Superintendent Stan Dobbs, dated, Feb. 6, said, if appointed, Corbett would be placed on a “long-term leave of absence from the district.” She also will not be drawing a salary or benefits from the district, the letter adds.

In the past, appointments to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board have been viewed somewhat derisively as the place where former capitol stalwarts go to draw a paycheck. Until Corbett’s appointment, the current five-member board only had three members. A fifth slot will be named by the governor’s office.

In the East Bay, former State Sen. Liz Figueroa sat on the appeals board following the end of her terms in 2006, as did former Assemblymember Alberto Torrico in 2010.