Ellen Corbett, once unemployed following State Senate terms, now has two jobs

On second thought: Ellen Corbett is taking leave
from HUSD for a legislative appointment.

LEGISLATURE | After former State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett was termed out of office last December, the parlor room bets were immediately taken over where she would land next. Some guessed a judicial appointment could be in her future, but that didn’t happen. Neither was a congressional seat in the cards.

Instead, Corbett took a newly-created $168,000 a year government affairs job in mid-December with the Hayward Unified School District.

But, less than two months on the job, Corbett was already seeking an appointment to the infamous landing spot for termed out legislators, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

On Thursday, the State Senate Rules Committee named Corbett to the government board, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Corbett will be taking a cut in pay, however, earning over $128,000 annual from her new position. The long-time San Leandro politician will not be drawing two salaries.

A letter to the rules committee from the Hayward school district’s Superintendent Stan Dobbs, dated, Feb. 6, said, if appointed, Corbett would be placed on a “long-term leave of absence from the district.” She also will not be drawing a salary or benefits from the district, the letter adds.

In the past, appointments to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board have been viewed somewhat derisively as the place where former capitol stalwarts go to draw a paycheck. Until Corbett’s appointment, the current five-member board only had three members. A fifth slot will be named by the governor’s office.

In the East Bay, former State Sen. Liz Figueroa sat on the appeals board following the end of her terms in 2006, as did former Assemblymember Alberto Torrico in 2010.

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  1. By MW:

    I am wondering whether there is a lot more to this story than has so far been publicly disclosed.

    More specifically, the128K salary would be a considerable pay cut from the 168K job she just left, a job she had and had created especially for her after leaving the State Senate, and usually when high ranking “public servants” leave their previous position, they prove their “deep commitment” to “public service” and “serving the public ” by grabbing the highest paying thing they can find.


  2. MW: I agree. This seems peculiar.


  3. By MW:

    Clearly a case of Lock Jaw Syndrome. Definition: One who suckles on the public tit and then will not let go.


  4. By MW:

    While the above post of 6:30PM is not me but instead by someone pretending to be, however concerning the possible reason Ellen Corbett recently moved over to a job that pays 40K per year less, Willie Brown a few days ago commented on that in his column in the SF Chronicle.

    Willie apparently thinks that Corbett might see her newest hob as a better launching pad, and a more attractive point on her resume, for in the future running for elective office again.

    However since Ellen Corbett is a lawyer a “liberal,” and one of the most powerful, important, and influential members of the Democratic Party, therefore I think we should believe everything she says, and also not suspect any secret and/or ulterior motives in any of her statements and actions.


  5. By MW:

    While the above poster of 10:29AM is not me but instead by someone pretending to be, however I still assert that Corbett is one who can't stop suckling on the public tit. These crass Willie Brownites need to go back under the rocks from whence they came. The world needs more charlatan lawyers like Obama needs more Republicans in congress. Perhaps Ms. Corbett can explain her current Lock Jaw Syndrome to the taxpayers.


  6. That job was NOT created for her. She just happened to walk into it at. That job was created as a brainchild from a former HUSD employee. EC wasn't even in the mix then.

    Yes, there is more to it than meets the eye.


  7. That job WAS created for her. What a ho!


  8. What about the job for Justin at the Hub on Soto Rd. (the John Muir site). The son of the Director of Maintenance and Operations and seems to be generating a lot of work orders because of lack of poor planning and over site in opening this
    site which is basically a musical chair. I smell the sent of nepatisim in the air of the district.


  9. I think the Director may be grooming his son for a shoe in for a highly paid position that is padded for no one else!


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