Rep. Mike Honda needs a recharge; falls asleep on the House floor


CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | It’s been a hard week in Congress. House Republicans and Democrats are dueling over funding for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and there’s uproar over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking before Congress next week.

Rep. Mike Honda, for one, is apparently exhausted. Need proof?

C-SPAN noticed the 73-year-old Honda counting blue donkeys in his sleep Friday during a discussion about breaking the longjam over Homeland Security’s budget.

In the video, Honda appears to have been awaken by fellow California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard’s introduction to speak on the House floor. However, Honda then squeezes his eyes tightly together, cocks his head to his right shoulder and is out, again.

Soon, thereafter, a gentleman, possibly Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) walks in front of Honda’s seat and momentarily startles Honda out of his slumber.

For his part, Honda acknowledged his moment of sleepy time in response to a tweet from a C-SPAN reporter. “Yes, I’m tired of the GOP playing games with out national security,” joked Honda in a tweet.

During Honda’s re-election campaign, San Jose Inside highlighted Honda possibly falling asleep during a community meeting in November 2013. However, video of that incident was less than conclusive. Instead, Honda may have been merely resting his eyes for a moment since the alleged naptime clocked in at under 30 seconds.

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  1. What a pathetic come-back and disgrace to the “job.” GOP jokes are about as cleaver as Hope & Change. Give it up E-Honda, and go home.


  2. Yet, he's still better than Ro. #truth


  3. By MW:

    Actually, it is generally not important whether or not some, or even virtually all, of the members of the US Congress (and also other such legislative bodies as the California state Senate and Assembly) sleep rather than paying attention to the debates and the discussions, since regardless of what is discussed and debated, and regardless of any facts and truths presented, most of them are nothing more than stooges, robots, and puppets on a string for leaders such as and/or similar to Feinstein, Pelosi, and Willie Brown, etc.

    For instance, look at the straight party line votes they get all the time in the US Congress and California legislature, In fact in the typical large legislative body there are only two to five members who run the show, AND ARE ACTUALLY IMPORTANT, and the other over ninety percent are just there for window dressing.

    So, and even though I lean conservative, and unlike Mike Honda, am definitely not a liberal, I really do not see what difference it makes whether or not Honda sleeps when he is supposed to be paying close attention to the facts presented before he makes “his” decision on how to vote on the issues, since regardless he is going to vote the way Pelosi wants him to vote.

    In fact to save money and save time, we could lay off every Democrat in the entire US Senate except Feinstein and every Democrat in the entire House except Pelosi, and then just count Feinstein's vote as approx.45 Senate votes and Pelosi's vote as approx. 180 House votes, and then we would not even have to waste time and money having debates, discussions, and filibusters ,etc.


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