Steve Glazer, Joan Buchanan and Susan Bonilla.

STATE SENATE | DISTRICT 7 | Less than two weeks from Election Day in the East Bay’s special State Senate 7th District race, nearly $1 million has been raised and nearly $700,000 has been spent by the three Democrats. 

Campaign finance reports released by the campaigns Thursday show Assemblymember Susan Bonilla holds a cash advantage over former Assemblymember Joan Buchanan and Steve Glazer.
However, the tallies give an incomplete picture of the true money war in the race. Multiple Independent Expenditure committees continue to pour well over $1 million in additional resources outside the control of the campaigns both supporting and opposing each candidate.
The latest finance reports cover activity during the month of February. Bonilla, who has attracted most of the endorsements from Democratic officials in the area and is supported heavily by labor unions, reported an ending balance of $181,535 available for the stretch run to the Mar. 17 primary. 
Bonilla also outraised and outspent her challengers during the period. Since Jan.1, Bonilla’s $480,901 in total contributions easily tops the field.
Buchanan raised $139,355 in February, but was outraised by Glazer, who only entered the race in late January. Glazer’s $179,697 in fundraising for the month rivals Buchanan’s haul for the entire year.
In addition, a week’s worth of receipts since the end of the most recent reporting period on Feb. 28, also show continued fundraising strength from both Bonilla and Glazer. In the past week, Bonilla has raised an additional $26,603, followed by Glazer with $20,800 and Buchanan reporting $7,600.
                     ——-Feb. 1-Feb.28—–
SD 7……..End Cash..Cash In…Cash Out…YTD-In…YTD-Out.
BONILLA…..$181,535  $219,121  $307,455  $480,901  $340,381
BUCHANAN….$111,248  $139,355  $149,586  $284,005  $210,058
GLAZER……$ 94,918  $179,697  $105,642  $213,685  $118,766
HERTLE……no report
KREMIN……no report