Republican Michaela Hertle dropped out of her State Senate race just days after qualifying for the ballot, but a independent expenditure group backed by labor has spent more than $60,000 on two mailers, including the one above. Is it help her or stop Steve Glazer?
After the California Republican Party complained
to the IE over use of its logos, the group sent 
another mailer, above, to SD7 voters.

STATE SENATE| DISTRICT 7 | The California Republican Party says a labor-backed political action committee infringed on its trademark when it sent campaign literature last month in the State Senate 7th District special election that supported the Republican candidate who had previously dropped out of the race.

The state party is filing a complaint Friday against the Asian American Small Business PAC for using the Republican elephant logo and “misrepresenting the California Republican Party in multiple mailers,” said a statement from the CRP.

Alameda County Republican Michaela Hertle entered the state senate race in late January, but dropped out over a week later and endorsed centrist Democrat Steve Glazer. Nevertheless, mailers from the Asian American PAC were sent to voters last month clearly supporting Hertle.

“Deceptive ads like these mislead voters and misinform them about the positions and endorsements of the California Republican Party,” said California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte. “It’s egregious on the part of a Democratic Political Action Committee to intentionally deceive Californians with its use of well-known Republican images.”

In recent elections, the PAC has typically supported Democratic Asian American candidates and is funded by a host of labor-related organizations.

The CRP said a cease-and-desist letter was sent to the Asian American Small Business PAC, which it ignored. A second mailer from the group in favor of Hertle was then sent to 7th District voters again using the party’s logos and labeling her as “one of us.”

The party plans to seek injunctive relief and damages, said San Francisco attorney and CRP Vice Chairperson Harmeet K. Dhillon.