San Leandro City Council Preview
835 East 14th Street
Monday, Mar. 23, 2015, 7 p.m.
Twitter hashtag: #slmtg

POSITIVE ECONOMIC NEWS Monday’s work session should likely set the tone for San Leandro’s budget season and it appears good. Except, typically cautious finance directors will never be caught acting so ebullient. The biggest takeaway, according to San Leandro Finance Director David Baum, the city’s budget should have operating revenue of more than $95 million, which translates to a surplus of $6 million during fiscal year 2015-16. 

In comparison, San Leandro barely operated in the black during the previous fiscal year. However, among East Bay cities, San Leandro’s economic picture has routinely looked far more rosy than others during and after the Great Recession.

Baum’s presentation to the City Council Monday night will also detail other looming factors within the city budget. They include labor negotiations with its bargaining units and perennial attention to the state of San Leandro’s roads and continuing to set aside revenue to repair or rebuild them. Over the past few years, San Leandro’s roads have languished as some of the worst in Alameda County.

WHAT IT MEANS In other cities positive economic news arriving during pending labor negotiations like San Leandro, typically sees a city administration downplaying the news. This often happens in neighboring Hayward, so keep an eye on whether or not this occurs in San Leandro. The good bet says no. In addition to the healthy economic news, the words is out that the city is a growing incubator for small, technical business opportunities. And if you’re a member of this very young City Council (four of the seven have been in office just three months), there is ample room for making a big difference politically in San Leandro.

Since Monday’s meeting is solely a work session, no commendations or awards are scheduled. However, the City Council will take a walking tour of six newly-installed utility boxes adorned with art on Tuesday, Mar. 24. They will gather at the corner of Chumalia/Hays and East 14th Streets at 6 p.m.

Mar. 16, the San Leandro City Council discussed a public/private partnership for broadband extension in the downtown and free Wi-Fi. The council also approved its goals for 2015. >>>WATCH IT HERE>>>Next meeting: Monday, April 6, 7 p.m.

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter (first term, ends 2018); Councilmember Deborah Cox (first term, ends 2018); Councilmember Ursula Reed (second term, ends 2016); Councilmember Lee Thomas (first term, ends 2018); Councilmember Benny Lee, first term, ends 2016); Councilmember Corina Lopez (first term, ends 2018); Vice Mayor/Councilmember Jim Prola, District 6 (second term, ends 2016).