Alameda County will spend $200,000 to appraise
Coliseum property if it becomes Coliseum City.

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Meeting
1221 Oak Street, Oakland, Calif.
Tuesday, Mar. 24, 10:45 a.m.
Twitter hashtag: #alcomtg

COLISEUM CITY ENA Item 51: The Oakland City Council already approved last week the six month extension of a Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Coliseum City developer New City Development, LLC., now it’s the Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ turn. The Coliseum Complex is jointly owned and operated by the city of Oakland and Alameda County. While the approval by the Oakland City Council was oddly triumphal for a deal without any financial information included, the Board of Supervisors have a way of putting a damper on such enthusiasm. Time, though, is running out and it will be interesting whether the board follows Oakland’s performance last week with their own positive note. At this specific point, a perception of progress and unity from Oakland might be all the NFL is looking for as it looks to potentially relocate up to two franchises to Los Angeles.

COLISEUM APPRAISAL Item 25: The board will also approve a $200,000 contract to Walnut Creek firm, CBRE, to appraise the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex in the event the property become what is known as Coliseum City, containing a new football stadium, ballpark, current Oracle Arena, along with housing an retail. The report should be completed in about a month, says a staff report.

REALIGNMENT BUDGET PROPOSAL Item 16.1: Supervisor Keith Carson’s proposal to allocate 50 percent of the county’s allotment of AB 109 realignment state funding to community-based organization to aid the formerly incarcerated with re-entry is again up for discussion. Although, the proposal boosts the amount of money budgeted to re-entry, a raucous group of advocates shutdown the board meeting earlier this month—the same hearing Carson unveiled his proposal. In the past, critics have charged the Board of Supervisors with being too generous with AB 109 funding budgeted to the Alameda County Sheriff. Expect, a long line of public speakers on the subject.

MOBILE HOMES RENT MORATORIUM Item 17: Another discussion highlighted earlier this month returns. The adoption of a moratorium for suspending any rent increases on mobile home parks in unincorporated Alameda County would be in effect for 90 days while the county and park owners study the issue.

POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE Supervisor Scott Haggerty will proclaim Mar. 24 as “Diabetes Alert Day in Alameda County” and this week as “Agricultural Week in Alameda County.” Supervisor Wilma Chan will proclaim March as “International Women’s Month.”

Board President Scott Haggerty (District 1, first elected in 1996, term ends 2016); Supervisor Richard Valle (District 2, first elected 2014; term ends 2018); Supervisor Wilma Chan (District 3, first elected 1994-2000, re-elected 2010; term ends 2018); Supervisor Nate Miley (District 4, first elected 2000, term ends 2016); Supervisor Keith Carson (District 5, first elected 1992, terms ends 2016).