Tim Orozco finished first in the San Jose City
Council primary last April.

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Tim Orozco, an aide to State Sen. Bob Wieckowski and candidate for the open District Four San Jose City Council seat, admitted to San Jose Inside, he was twice arrested for drunk driving.

During the April 7 primary, Orozco finished first in the 10-candidate race with over 22 percent of the vote, followed by Mahn Nguyen, which San Jose Inside also uncovered rented an apartment in the district just weeks before entering the race.
In his bid to replace Kansen Chu, who left the San Jose City Council after winning a seat in the Assembly last November, Orozco also won the the backing of the South Bay Labor Council.
Meanwhile, Orozco said one DUI occurred 30 years ago as a college student and about 17 years ago while he worked on Sen. Barbara Boxer’s campaign.
In addition,  the 55-year-old Orozco said he lives with mother and told San Jose Inside that he only works the minimum 17.5 hours a week as Wieckowski’s point man in the State Senate’s 10th District, which runs from Castro Valley to San Jose, to maintain health benefits from the state.
The admission is telling. During Wieckowski’s campaign for the State Senate seat last year, one of his opponents, Mary Hayashi, charged his Sacramento-based chief of staff with similar allegations related to excessive time off with pay.
The San Jose City Council runoff is June 23.