Oakland City Hall flamethrower Gene Hazard giving councilmember’s the business during a meeting last year.

OAKLAND | Civilians Are Finally In Charge of Complaints Against Oakland Cops. Kind Of. Not Yet (East Bay Express) Legislation was watered down by city administration, OPD

Tighter security at Oakland council meeting called excessive (San Francisco Chronicle) Issue of asking residents to sign-in before public meetings is also a problem at smaller government bodies

CA DROUGHT | California decision on farm water cuts to apply broadly (Associated Press) Like giving yourself a timeout before your parents ground you for a month

RAIDERS | Raiders owner Mark Davis still considers Oakland top option (Associated Press) Davis recently had a three hour dinner with Oakland Council President McElhaney, not at Hooters

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT | Nadia Lockyer: ‘OMG! Twins!!!’ (San Francisco Chronicle) The sperm of 74-year-old Bill Lockyer has quite the motility…or does it?