Another potential landing spot for Rep Barbara Lee?

CONGRESS | 13TH DISTRICT | Many believe Rep. Barbara Lee is itching for something bigger than her seat representing Oakland and the East Bay in Congress. Here’s another possible landing spot: President Obama’s poverty czar.

The position does not exist, but Obama’s comments this week highlighting growing economic inequality in America, reignited calls for its creation.

During the 2008 presidential election, Martin Luther King III urged for a poverty czar, but in the years since has never gained momentum, reported The Hill. “There is no more important time to appoint a poverty czar than now,” King told the congressional newspaper this week.

Lee even provided a statement in support of the idea.

“Appointing a senior level official solely devoted to addressing and ending poverty in America is major and exciting step forward and gives me hope that ending poverty is becoming a national priority,” Lee told The Hill.

In the past, Lee had been rumored for consideration as Obama’s secretary of labor. In addition, reports linked Lee to potentially being tapped as ambassador to Cuba, if the position is created before the end of Obama’s term.

Lee is already a point person on poverty in the Democratic Party notes an advocacy group in favor of her credentials. The East Bay representative is the party’s whip for the Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality, and Opportunity and founder of the Out of Poverty Caucus and chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus.

East Bay voters, however, might hope otherwise, since Lee is likely the most popular elected official in the region.