SCOTUS | Could U.S. Supreme Court case shrink California’s congressional clout? (Los Angeles Times) This has potential to be one of the impactful political stories of the year with wide-ranging implications

OAKLAND | Former Congressman Ron Dellums: Organizing for Peace Forces Us to Challenge All Forms of Injustice (DemocracyNow!) For those of you wondering what ol’ Ron is up to

HAYWARD | How a family of refugees turned a bakery into a dessert powerhouse (Fortune) Sugar Bowl Bakery was one of the first to remove trans fat from its products.

ASSEMBLY | Fighting Pollution From Microbeads Used in Soaps and Creams (The New York Times) California bill would restrict not only plastic microbeads but biodegradable versions.

CALIFORNIA | California Dream Under Attack in All Manner of Cinematic Imaginings (The New York Times) Hollywood never messes with the East Bay