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  1. By MW:

    Concerning the item that supposedly Hayward city government, and which I would assume means the highest ranking officials in Hayward city government, supposedly wants more participation from ordinary citizens:

    We should take that with more than a grain of salt, since I have found that in almost all cases the big boys in government, and regardless of their public pronouncements. in virtually all cases, actually: one, want to keep the general public in the dark as to what govt does; and two, are so firmly convinced that they themselves are so extremely smart and totally superior, that therefore in their opinion it would only cause needless and useless interference to actually let the general public participate in govt and know what is going on.

    For instance, to give some real examples of the actual attitudes of the big boys toward the little and “lesser” people, we had: one,: Nancy Pelosi's comment, “You can read it after we pass it;” and two, the position of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber (Gruber has a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard, and has also produced a lot of the “research” that such creatures as Nancy Pelosi have used as the “basis” for their “thinking” on economics and social issues) that the general public is supposedly too stupid to understand certain issues, so therefore it is proper for such creatures as Gruber and his co-conspirators to feed the general public a lot of lies and garbage in order to get certain items approved, in other words items that Gruber and his co-conspirators “know” are “good” and “desirable.”

    Related to that, the Bay area, the leadership of the Democratic Party, and modern liberalism are packed to the gills with creatures who “know” that they are so “extremely superior” and “super intelligent,” that therefore anything they “think” and say is automatically “true” since they said it.

    For instance, Willie Brown and San Francisco mayor George Moscone, and who were not only both lawyers but also graduates of Hastings Law School, and which is one of the very highest rated, and also most very overrated, law schools in the entire country, both “knew” beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, was a wonderful person and of the very highest honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

    And undoubtedly the saints who run the city of Berserkeley “knew” beyond a shadow of doubt, or at least until a few weeks ago, that their Building Inspections Department was composed of wonderful, completely honest, and totally competent people, and that there was absolutely no possibility whatsoever that it might be infested with drunks, drug addicts, liars, incompetents, and creatures who might possibly approve defective projects and overlook building code violations in exchange for under the table bribes.


  2. So “Broke Hayward” is going to waste more money on another pipe dream? If the citizens of Hayward were engaged in city government, they wouldn't have elected Barbara Halliday for their Mayor. I wonder if this is part of that cockamamie Brand Hayward Campaign? Hack-a-thon, crap-a-thon who cares? What a waste of time and tax payers money. Fran & her gang probably worked overtime on this garbage.


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