Assembly passes bullhook ban similar to Oakland ordinance passed last year

The bullhooks will be gone from circus in
California starting in 2018.

ASSEMBLY | It appears the Oakland City Council is a trend-setter, at least, when it comes to eliminating the gruesome use of the bullhook to control circus elephants.

The State Assembly Thursday approved a bill that would ban circuses performing in California from using bullhooks, a small poker-like implement with a sharp point attached to one end.

Senate Bill 716, if approved by the State Senate, would prohibit bullhooks by 2018. Thursday’s vote in the Assembly was 59-7.

Last year, the Oakland City Council passed its own ordinance banning bullhooks at circus performance within city limits. The legislation, first carried by then council member Libby Schaaf, however, begins in late 2017.

The ordinance was approved 5-2 with Councilmembers Larry Reid and Desley Brooks voting no; Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney abstained.

Oakland’s push against bullhooks followed a ban in Los Angeles and appeared to have been the circus entertainment industry’s last stand for bullhooks in California.

Soon after Oakland’s ordinance was approved last December, Feld Entertainment, which owns the popular Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus, announced it would phase out the use of elephants as circus performers by 2018.

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3 replies

  1. By MW:

    However the circuses probably already have considerable money invested in the bullhooks. So rather than forcing the circuses to take huge financial losses by making obsolete, worthless, and useless expensive equipment they have already purchased, perhaps we could allow them to sell the bullhooks to people interested in finding more effective methods to control crooked lawyers and sleazy politicians.

    In fact of the few honest judges in the Bay area, I bet some of them would love to have bullhooks to help control the sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses that regularly infiltrate their courtrooms.


  2. Good! Always for the animals, and we don't mean the union whores, who are against life's innocent creatures and care only about their own toxic $$$ at taxpayers' expense.


  3. SB 716 (authored by Senator Ricardo Lara) is now on the Governor's desk.

    Support letters are now needed: Governor Jerry Brown (and all state legislators) may be written c/o The State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814.

    Now for the orcas at SeaWorld….

    Eric Mills, coordinator


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