East Bay’s congressional choir boy is offering tickets to see the Pope in D.C.

Rep. Eric Swalwell

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Tea Party supporters always thought Pete Stark was the anti-Christ. Now they have a chance to thank the Holy Savior’s earthly representative in person for their angelic cherub of a congressman.

Swalwell’s congressional office is offering free tickets to his Fifteenth Congressional District constituents to watch a simulcast of the Pope Francis’ Sept. 24 address to Congress on the West Lawn. But you have to apply by Aug. 31 for the random drawing.

But hold on, you’re going to have to pay for all the Swalwelling on your own. “Ticket holders are responsible for their own transportation to and from Washington, DC, lodging, and other trip expenses.” And don’t try scalping your tickets, either.

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