Former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | In closed session Tuesday, the Oakland City Council voted to pay $15,000 to the driver involved in an automobile collision with former Mayor Jean Quan for injuries and lost wages.

The accident occurred at an intersection in West Oakland in June 2014 and instantly become a major story in Oakland’s contentious mayoral campaign.

Initial reports suggested Quan was seen driving through the intersection while talking on her cell phone. It’s still unclear whether she Quan was using her phone, although, a police report found no evidence. The accident occurred shortly after a local news report showed video of Quan driving while talking on her phone.

Nevertheless, later, Quan was often seen using a driver to ferry her to city engagements and campaign events. (Including this infamous ride in Oakland’s Fruitvale District.)

The payout approved by the City Council includes $15,000 in damages to the driver Lakisha Lovely for injuries to her neck, back and head, in addition, to lost wages, said a representative from the City Attorney’s Office. The council also approved payment of $10,500 to the driver’s insurance company for damage to her car.

Councilmembers Desley Brooks, Larry Reid and Noel Gallo were absent from the closed session vote, said the City Attorney’s Office.