Proposed term limits initiative for Alameda County supervisors is withdrawn

Alameda County supervisors with the NBA title
trophy at a board meeting last June.

ALAMEDA COUNTY | The leader of an effort to establish term limits for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors says he is withdrawing the initiative because his involvement in the campaign has become its focus.

Long-time East Bay Municipal Utilities District Board Director Frank Mellon said on Facebook this week that he pulled the plug on the proposal, “because I became a lightning-rod on the initiative.”

Detractors of the initiative claimed hypocrisy, because it would not have applied to the East Bay MUD board, and charged Mellon with harboring an interest to run for the board of supervisors, Mellon said.

The proposal, submitted to the Alameda County Registrar’s Office in July, sought to limit county supervisors to three, four-year terms. The government body currently has no terms limits and has historically been somewhat dynastic in its composition.

No sitting member of the board has been defeated since 1992. Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty has served since 1998, but has never even faced a challenger for his seat…


8 thoughts on “Proposed term limits initiative for Alameda County supervisors is withdrawn

  1. Frank Mellon stepped down from leading the term limits movement. Someone else needs to pick it up pronto. Someone who is not from here so that the DA cannot try to incarcerate them for acting upon their political freedoms. These folks count on the common folk being sheep. They laugh at the public in their closed sessions deciding what they will let them know and what they won't. The longer they stay, the more entitled they feel. Get them out NOW!


  2. It was all about Frank Mellon. He has not stepped down. Do your homework will you? He has been on the Board of Directors of the East Bay Municipal Utility District for close to 20 years and getting great medical benefits and a pension at the taxpayers expense for a two hour meeting. He definitely is a hypocrite and a leech!


  3. By MW:

    Including related to the above post of 5:53PM.

    For the residents of Alameda County, if you want to risk having happen in AC what is happening right now in Middletown, in other words a disastrous fire, specifically the Valley Fire, that will destroy hundreds or thousands of homes, and if it happens in AC perhaps also kill a lot of people, and such as also happened in the Great Oakland Hills Fire that occurred in the 1990's, then keep in place and keep on re-electing the present clowns that we have right now on the AC Board of Supervisors.

    (NOTE: The Great Oakland Hills Fire destroyed approx. 2,500 homes and also killed approx. 25 people.)

    Q: So could we eventually and in the future have a fire in Alameda County, and especially in the unincorporated area, that would be similar to the Middletown/Valley Fire and/or the Great Oakland Hills Fire, or perhaps even worse than those two fires combined!!!

    A: Very easily, and with big thanks to the clowns on the AC Board of Supervisors and their stooges and mental retards in the County's Public Works Agency and the County Counsel's office.

    More specifically, the combination of AC's Tree Ordinance, and also the way it is interpreted by the Board of Supervisors, the Public Works Agency, and the County Counsel's office virtually guarantees that eventually AC is going to have another huge and disastrous fire, and quite likely also with significant loss of life.

    For instance and as would be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than his or her shoe size (and such as even to California governor Jerry Brown and also most of the people in the state legislature), to lessen the probability of huge, fast spreading, and disastrous fires, it is essential to have: one, defensible space (in other words at least fifteen feet, and preferably thirty feet) between each house and nearby trees and shrubbery; two, not have trees branches overhanging, AND IN SOME CASES EVEN RESTING ON, roofs and houses; and three, not have tree branches from House A interlocked with the tree branches from House B. And the state legislature has repeatedly addressed those issues.

    However the AC Board of Supervisors, and I assume in an attempt to get Olympic gold medals in the categories of both extreme mental retardation and also deliberately and intentionally ignoring state law, has for years continued to ignore not only state law but also common sense with both its Tree Ordinance and extra especially also its interpretation of such.

    In fact,I cannot figure out why we keep on re-electing the present jokers we have on the Board of Supervisors. In other words, do most residents of AC decide they want on the AC Board of Supervisors the people who are the biggest clowns and the stupidest jokers in the entire United States!!!


  4. It's not about Frank Mellon. It's about county supervisors who stay in these positions for too long and use the county as their own, personal, playground. It's about county supervisors who use the DA to guarantee that they run unopposed, which is, in fact, rigging the voting. The main thing is to get rid of these current county supervisors who pretend to be doing things for the people and are really just after cushy deals for themselves and jobs for their children and funding for their girlfriends. The man stepped down. He is no longer part of the story.


  5. Frank Mellon should impose term limits on himself. He's been on the East Bay Municipal Utility District's Board of Directors forever, getting great benefits at the taxpayers expense. What a hypocrite! !


  6. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 7:57PM, I also, and in fact as soon as I began reading the article, suspected there was a high probability illegal pressure was brought to cause the measure to be withdrawn.

    More specifically, the great “liberals” and wonderful “humanitarians”: who run Alameda County are totally opposed to such things as free speech, and no matter how much they pretend they are committed to human rights, so therefore they are absolutely determined to keep any outsiders and “riff raff” from penetrating and intruding upon the extremely profitable totally closed organized crime ring they have created for themselves and pretend is a legitimate government.


  7. This guy probably got threatened by the DA. She always steps in to protect the supervisors' fiefdoms. Is that her role?

    The term limits are greatly needed! I worked at the county and I know how much good work could be done if these folks would just move on and stop using the county coffers and its staff as their own chattel. TERM LIMITS NOW!


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