Hayward school board acknowledges altercation with superintendent;makes no move on his fate

HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Four members of the Hayward school board publicly acknowledged at special meeting Thursday night that Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs allegedly berated and cursed the board in a closed session meeting on September 16 and then made physical contact with at least one of the boardmembers. The board, however, following a two-hour closed session meeting Thursday night, made no decision on Dobbs’ future with the school district.

Two members of the board, Luis Reynoso and William McGee, filed incident reports with the Hayward Police Department following the confrontation. Reynoso said he plans to press charges against Dobbs, while McGee Is awaiting findings from an investigation by the school district before making a decision.

According to Reynoso and McGee’s account given to police, which was backed up by their board colleague’s comments Thursday, Dobbs, who was hired as superintendent in 2013, began cursing the entire board during the September 16 closed door meeting. When McGee asked Dobbs to calm down, Dobbs approached him and stood over McGee. Dobbs again began yelling profanities at McGee. Among the comments made by Dobbs was: “I have to deal with motherfucking punks like you all day,” according to both Reynoso and McGee.

Later, Reynoso, too, asked Dobbs to relax, according to Reynoso’s statement to police. “Mr. Dobbs turned his fury turned towards me. I too was seated and he came at me in a threatening and aggressive manner which made me fear for my personal safety. He was screaming shouting expletives and behaving in a[n] aggressive physical manner. I continued to tell Mr. Dobbs to calm down at the same time ordering him to stay away from me. However, he continued to approach until his chest was shoved against my shoulder and face. I made every effort to get up from my seated position but I could not because he was blocking me from rising from my chair and moving to a safe place in a room.”McGee, who has been mostly silent over the incident other than acknowledging it took place, said Thursday night, “When we look at our school district we hope that we can cultivate a culture of no bullying and no workplace violence, so one of the reasons why this board met tonight was because there was that experience in closed session.”

Although no resolution to the matter came Thursday night, Reynoso, McGee, and two other school boardmembers Lisa Brunner and Annette Walker acknowledged last week’s incident during a board comment period. School boardmember John Taylor did not comment on the incident but later suggested to Reynoso that he understood Reynoso’s reticence about being in the same room with Dobbs.

Brunner said she was upset and embarrassed by the event last week and lamented news of the incident is overshadowing the start of the new school year. “It was very unprofessional what happened September 16 and it should not have happened,” Brunner said. “It was wrong.” 

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  1. I wonder what was said in that room for Stan “got damn, i'm the man” Dobbs to go off like that. He is always pretty laid back. There are other incidents/actions that need to be looked into also. Such as the firing of 5 managers in one month, including the Assistant Superintendent. What was that about? One manager, Brett Swenson, should never have been a manager in the first place. He bought a gun to the district, he was caught having sex in Food Service….I could go on. They got rid of the managers they thought were not doing their job and replaced them with managers that are basically doing the same things that happened before. How does the #4 applicant for a job beat out the #1, 2 or 3 applicant? When the selecting official is friends with the #4 applicant. Mind you, the #1 applicant has worked for the district for many years. Again, there are a lot of things that happen at HUSD that should be questioned.


  2. what was said in the closed session that prompted such a response from Mr. Dobbs? That is the question that is on the minds of the community. Reynoso is no stranger to exposing scandal and knowledge to the public. Look what he did a couple years ago with an affair that became public knowledge. He enjoys pushing buttons to get a reaction. It is unfortunate that Mr. Dobb lost his composure. BUT WHY? I am sure that there is a lot of back door dealings and such that have been going on for years within the district. I believe that if the public knew what has really gone on within the walls of the HUSD – they would be shocked. Transparency is just a word that is used to placate the public. If they only knew what was happening behind “closed sesions”.


  3. By MW:

    The “experts” absolutely and definitely “know” that its is “desirable” and a “very good thing” to discuss all sorts of things in closed session, and to therefore keep secret from the voters and the general public a lot of the things they engage in, the many shady and sleazy scams they are involved in, and the coverups they arrange.


  4. Dobbs' actions go beyond “unprofessional” and “wrong,” as Ms. Brunner was quoted. His actions reflect a pattern of workplace violence that has been permitted to exist in HUSD. I personally know of allegations and lawsuits currently against the district regarding the bullying and assault of employees. OSHA and other government agencies have serious issues with HUSD regarding its lack of employee protections and its actions against victims of workplace violence. Dobbs appears to be condoning verbal and physical threats as a means to subjugate others, yet he making decisions about the disciplinary actions against those acting in like manner. As an employee, this troubles me greatly.

    I think people need to learn more about the pending lawsuits and complaints against HUSD.



  5. Lisa Brunner was busy rallying to tear down the “old library.” She termed out on the Library Commission/Board but had to show up at last week's council meeting to back the Library Cult & Library Administrator Chief Brainwasher up. Brunner should concentrate on the School Board and stop trying to curry favor with City Council's expensive pet projects. If I was Angry Stan, I 'd be afraid of Brunner. Those mean eyebrows and that perpetual scowl could even scare Reynoso!


  6. If the adults can't behave as adults, then what are we expecting the students to do?


  7. reynoso, mcgee and dobbs should all resign


  8. By MW:

    If the Hayward School Board fires Dobbs – or if Dobbs should resign or leave due to mutual agreement – that would, of course, mean that Hayward would need a new school superintendent.

    Since the Bay area is the world's capital and headquarters for phonies, blood sucking leeches, and masters of PR who are totally dedicated to lies, frauds, ands scams – but who simultaneously and at the same time pretend they are wonderful and fantastic people who are trying to help us, and while actually they are ripping us off in every imaginable way – I suggest that if we need a replacement for Dobbs, so as to uphold Bay area “standards,” that Hayward then pick a new superintendent from a field that includes Bernard Madoff and also the pathological liars, “experts,” and scam artists who “proved” that VW's diesels were extremely clean running engines.

    In fact, let's ask Martin Winterkorn, and who just resigned as head of VW, whether he would be interested in the job,

    And we should also see if any of the former top administrators from the Atlanta Public School District are interested and available, or at least will be once they get out of prison, since they are obviously “experts” in “improving test scores.

    In fact , I think I will start my own business, a large business that will be a combination of fifty percent manufacturing and fifty percent PR firm, and to serve as my executive vice presidents I will hire Bernard Madoff, the big boys at VW, and some of the former top execs from the Atlanta School System.

    If I did start such a business totally dedicated to lies, frauds, scams, and ripoffs, most likely the AC Board of Supervisors would give me plenty of extremely profitable contracts and also never stop singing my praises.


  9. By MW:

    If I go through with opening and operating a sleazy scam operation and ripoff as described as above, but which I will pretend is a legitimate business, if I make ten million dollars a year in profit, rather than being both selfish and stupid by keeping all of the profit, instead I will keep only slightly over ninety-eight percent of the profit.

    In other words, I will contribute fifty thousand dollars a year to election campaign contributions, give another fifty thousand dollars to charity, and also spend a final fifty thousand dollars a year treating prominent politicians and reporters working for the major newspapers to dinner in fancy restaurants.

    Then the major newspapers and the local politicians will “inform” and “educate” the general public to the “fact” that I am a wonderful and totally trustworthy person and of the very highest integrity, and the AC Board of Supervisors will be unceasing in their efforts to see that I am awarded tons of extremely profitable contracts, and which will give me plenty of additional opportunities to rip off the public.

    And just in case any problems still arise and one of my victims sues me, I will then hire a very politically connected law firm and whose partners are good friends and golfing buddies with the judges and local politicians, in other words use the “JUST- US” system to stab in the back anyone I do not like.


  10. The preparation for the procedure left me with little sleep or food, and I left the procedure medicated,” the letter reads. THAT is further proof your judgment is lacking, and that you should resign.

    Stan Dobbs had no business getting this job in the first place. He has zero experience and was a “cronies” hire. He should be fired, replaced with someone that actually deserves the job
    and has deep qualifications. Hiring buffoons like Stan Dobbs just so he can walk away with another massive public pension is an insult to the teaching profession and the taxpaying citizens of Hayward.





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