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Hayward School Trustee Dr. Luis Reynoso

EPISODE 9 | There were fireworks earlier this month at a Hayward School Board of Trustees meeting when Superintendent of Schools Stan “Data” Dobbs verbally abused and allegedly make contact with one or more elected school board members. It’s just another setback for one of the most chronically underperforming school s districts in Alameda County.

Outspoken Hayward School Trustee Dr. Luis Reynoso is here to discuss the incident and the past and future of the moribund school district. Later in th news, Reynoso stuck around to chat about last week’s dedication of the Bill Lockyer Bay Trail in Hayward and the time the former state senate pro tem and state treasurer gave him a tip about not shaking hands with a sweaty palm.

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  1. I've watched Dr. Reynoso at other board meetings, and he always comes across as prepared and authentic. I too have had many unpleasant experiences as a teacher for Hayward Unified. My principal called me names and wanted me to alter IEP information. I was subjected to months of verbal and psychological abuse, just before I was to be made permanent, with no help from the teacher's union! Wish I could get my money back, I never saw anything in return for my dues.

    Dr. Reynoso also helped me save my job in another teaching position, thank goodness he was there to help support me. When I got the call that my job was saved, it was such a relief. Now I was permanent. These meetings really are meetings of the “undead”, thankfully I had some help.

    I didn't know he had a funny side to him! I agree with pretty much everything he says, I'm only disappointed that Dr. Reynoso likes Bill Quirk so much, ugh! I far and away prefer Jennifer Ong.

    It is so shameful that the rest of the board members do not dismiss the superintendent. The school board is supposed to protect us.


  2. Reynoso is one of the many reasons that Hayward has such a messed up school district with extremely low test scores.


  3. I agree with all here we need to fire the Hitler Stan Dobbs…no more stupid tyrants at the district even more so when they are so stuuuuupid like John Taylor. When is HUSD going to get the cars back from Stupid Dobbs and Stupid Taylor. Those cars do not belong to them they belong to Hayward district.


  4. Stan “I Was Medicated!” Dobbs needs to be fired. Louie is right! Medicated in Hayward. Hire me, I can come up with stupid slogans too.


  5. Does he have a Docter's Px or verification?


  6. Probably a medical marijuana card.


  7. Luis is a fraud, serial hypocrite, bully and opportunist….been for years.


  8. Only the crooked should be afraid of his wrath


  9. LOL
    Dobbs … instead of Made in Hayward it is now
    Medicated in Hayward

    I love this site.
    but let's be real here. Why this data Dobbs is not fire. I remember my neighbors kid way back in Mt Eden got put in another district cause he pushed a teacher and call her a biatch..not even a bitch.
    Hayward schools and this stan data dobbs is a joke with stupid John Taylor and that ugly dumb ass Anete Walker. All should go. Not fair for kids to get expeled and Dobbs not get fired


  10. Yep, I too had my job saved by Dr. Reynoso because HEA is completely worthless and I too wan't my money back. I was not part of the ugly click so no help ever came my way to deal with the lousy principal then..

    Just can't stand that ugly bat Mercedes Faraj with her vomit and that fat ugly hippo Mary Walsch, Those two are the Laurel & Hardy of buffoonery and ugliness.
    They try to fool us that they are doing a good job for us teachers and the kids, but we are tired of this corruption too in the HEA

    That fat smelly hippo Mary Walsh needs to be investigated for how many times she gives students rides in her car. In last weeks BOE meeting she admitted it in public she gives rides to students in her car.


  11. If the union is so bad why don't you quit the teachers union and stop paying your dues it is just a no brainer and stop complaining.


  12. Reynoso has been one of the main reasons Hayward schools have such low test scores.


  13. Thank goodness for the School Board and the Personnel Commission. On 10-21-15 me, a co-worker and SEIU reps. attended the Commission meeting. We were there to speak on Peter Rogosin (former HR Director). He was unfair, inept and incompetent. The Commission must of believed us because they terminated him that night. Steve Fallon, Rogosin, and Daniel Gonzales tried to have my co-worker terminated but he spoke in to the Board and they voted to keep him in his job. Now it is my turn for them to retaliate, discriminate and harass me. Too much to go into now, but the Board helped me that night also. And I'll be back there on 10-28-15 because Fallon and Gonzales are still harassing me. Again, thank you so much for helping us.


  14. Yepers Mr. Reynoso is a bad ass! He is the only one on that board that actually battles these crooks. He saved my job too while my union did nothing. I hear a rumors that Reynoso is not running for the school board again. So, so, sad he is like the little jewel here in the east bay. I like how he questions the crooks and does not let them give the people a bs story. Mr. Reynoso you need to run again! We have never had anyone like you before standing up for us and knowing how to handle this crooked superintendent and his circus staff. I can say with lots of experience of that in my years in Hayward I have never seen any politician like Mr. Reynoso ANYWHERE being so knowledgeable, feisty, and well spoken and yet not be corrupt always going after all the crooks.


  15. to 3:38pm and 9:08pm Yeppers is right only the wicked and corrupt need to be afraid of Dr. Reynoso's wrath. Yes Dr. Reynoso is a bad ass but it matters not because as far I understand boards you need a majority to change anything. All he can do is ask questions and bring things out in the open to us the public. Yes he is the primary mover and shaker and the rest are the undead in that school board. Good interview Steve Tavares Dr. Reynoso has a sexy voice.


  16. And now they not only give back a former manager back to employment, but at a higher position that he never held in a different classification. HR and the Personal commission has their heads up where the sun does not shine. Give back other employees their former positions.


  17. Hayward's low test scores have nothing to do with Board Members. HEA leadership is at the root of the issue. Hayward tax payers pay $2.2 million more than the state gives the district in an effort to increase academic achievement. Hayward has been at or near the bottom for 12 years. The Dec 9, 2015 board report shows where the money went. Certainly not to student achievement. When was the last time you heard either HEA leadership or the District talk about what teachers are doing. Never because HEA leadership is doing nothing to improve student achievement and the Board and Administration do nothing to challenge. The community pays and the teaching approach is the same. How can the results be improved if the HEA approach is the same. When will Hayward start following dollars to student achievement.
    Going to schools in Hayward means there is a 66% chance you will not be able to pass the high school exit exam.


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