HAYWARD/Nov. 3, 7 p.m.
The Quiet War with labor continues

A truce over the war between city employees and the Hayward City Council, starting in 2013, was technically settled earlier this year when both sides agreed to a new contract. The deal was actually pretty good for city employees, represented by SEIU Local 1021. But, that doesn’t mean there is no residual antipathy after elected officials slapped a unilateral five percent wage decrease on workers two years ago. Union leaders vowed to ruin each councilmember’s political careers at the time. Now, a labor-backed charter amendment is in the petition stage to ask voter to change municipals elections from June to November, starting in 2018. Low voter turnout has helped incumbents in recent years and the petition is a shot across the council’s bow. But, city officials are not sitting passively. On Tuesday, it will discuss an ordinance that will require candidates to list their top four contributors on campaign literature, in addition, to radio and television ads. The impetus for the ordinance, first proposed last June, appears to counteract large contributions by SEIU Local 1021 that were seen in the 2014 City Council race to support two union-backed candidates Sara Lamnin and Rocky Fernandez. Lamnin won a seat on the council, while Fernandez finished a close third for the second at-large seat Next June, four incumbents are up for re-election in Hayward. VIEW ENTIRE AGENDA HERE

OAKLAND/Nov. 3, 5:30 p.m.

Nov. 3, 10:30 a.m.

ALAMEDA/Nov. 3, 7 p.m.
City appointments revisited; Bonta briefing

HOT MESS, PART II A pair of Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer’s most recent blunders receive an encore performance Tuesday night. Dumaguete City in the Philippines is formalizing its sister city status with Alameda in a Memorandum of Understanding to be approved. Last Spring, the Filipino city’s delegation to Alameda included Spencer’s now infamous statement about the similarities between the cultures being personified by her children enjoying “white rice.” Filipinos, according to Spencer, also like to hug and kiss. Spencer maintained the delegation was not offended by the speech nor other appearances some in the local Filipino-American community found embarrassing. Dumaguete City officials apparently were not dissuaded with continuing relations with Alameda. Furthermore, another reminder of Spencer’s bungling of an appointment to the city Commission on Disability Issues last September is also on the agenda. Spencer nominated an Alameda resident she knew had been accused of trespassing in a city building earlier in the year. The nomination was pulled and two new appointees could be approved Tuesday.

RENT REVIEW APPOINTMENTS, PART II Two weeks ago, the scrappy Alameda Renters Coalition heralded a major victory in their advocacy against rising rents and evictions on the island by blocking three appointments to the Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC). The renters group asserts the current RRAC merely passes through 10 percent rent increases, which they say are too large, and is without a true voice for renters. The City Council agreed to hold off on the appointments until after the big Nov. 4 special meetings on housing, but the items arrives one day earlier. For consideration is Linda Asbury, Brian McGuire and Brendan Sullivan Sarinana.

BONTA, TRAFFIC UPDATES Assemblymember Rob Bonta was at the San Leandro City Council meeting Monday night to give an update on the state legislative scene in Sacramento. On Tuesday night, Bonta comes to home to Alameda to give the same update to city leaders, but not before giving the same presentation earlier in the evening in Oakland. Public Works will also update the council on traffic congestion issues on Bay Farm Island. One certainty from their investigation: the northbound lane on Island Drive at Robert Davey Jr. Drive will be extended 50 feet. VIEW ENTIRE AGENDA HERE