LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with ALCO Democratic Party Co-Chair Mario Juarez


Mario Juarez in the wildest, most trash-talking
East Bay Ctizen Show episode yet!

EPISODE 12 | Things got wild on this East Bay Citizen Show podcast. Alameda County Democratic Party co-chair Mario Juarez and I look at the political landscape in Oakland.

Juarez, a two-time Oakland City Council candidate, is one of the most knowledgeable political insiders in the East Bay, in addition, to one of the funniest.

Is Jean Quan really running for the City Council? “If it walks like a duck…” said Juarez. Is it possible two members of the same council are thinking about retirement? Did Oakland’s founders really forget to annex Alameda? jokes Juarez in a satire of the police response at a recent council meeting.

And, finally, Juarez gives a loving ode to the splendor of Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s gloriously perfect teeth and hair. All on the the East Bay Citizen Show, the region’s only political podcast.

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