Rep. Mike Honda is the only member on Roll Call’s
list with more than two terms under his belt

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Rep. Mike Honda is on the capitol’s endangered species list.

Roll Call named Honda’s 2016 re-election as one of the 10 most vulnerable in Congress.

Honda is facing a rematch next year with fellow Democrat Ro Khanna. The pair faced off last year in a lengthy and hard-fought election which Honda won by less than four percentage points.

Honda is the only member of the California congressional delegate named to the list, which Roll Call touted for its past accuracy. Seven of the 10 congressmembers named in 2014 were later defeated.

In addition, Honda, an eight-term South Bay congressman, is the only legislator on the list with more than two-terms in Washington. Seven are freshman congressmembers and two are in the second term.

Roll Call’s reasons for Honda’s vulnerabilities are clear. The strength of Khanna’s showing in 2014 coupled with his continued ability to outraise the incumbent remains evident. The difference this time may be a nagging ethics investigation into Honda’s previous campaign and whether they illegally commingled the work of the campaign staff and the taxpayer-funded congressional office.

What is not included in the piece is likely high-turnout due to the presidential general election may favor Honda, who counts strong support from labor.