Hayward superintendent who attacked school board joins City Council campaign

John Taylor’s Hayward City Council campaign
includes Superintendent of Schools Stan Dobbs.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | The Hayward school superintendent who attacked two members of the school board this fall is taking a role in the City Council campaign of another current school trustee.

Hayward superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs is listed as treasurer for Hayward school board member John Taylor’s City Council campaign committee. Taylor filed to form a committee last month for one of four open seats on the Hayward City Council next June. There are currently eight likely candidates in the race, including all four incumbents.

Taylor’s school board seat is also up for re-election in November 2016 and he appears to be hedging his bets if the council campaign is unsuccessful. A separate school board committee was also filed with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, but without Dobbs as treasurer.

Meanwhile, the superintendent’s involvement in Taylor’s campaign underscores a cozy relationship

Stan Dobbs attacked two Hayward school board
members in September, but was not reprimanded.

that goes back to, at least, Dobbs’ eventful return to the school district three years ago following a brief stint in San Diego. Taylor was one of Dobbs’ biggest supporters leading to his hire. In one instance, following questions over the validity of Dobbs’ transcripts from Stanford were being investigated by the East Bay Citizen, Taylor often spoke on Dobbs’ behalf. Ultimately, it was Taylor, not Dobbs, who personally provided copies of the transcripts in question.

Then, following extensive news coverage of Dobbs’ attack on school board members William McGee and Luis Reynoso during a closed session meeting last September that included the filing of a police report over the incident, Taylor offered a vastly watered down account of the violent outburst to police.

“Taylor acknowledged that Dobbs lost his temper but that it was limited to a very brief, 7-10 seconds, verbal outburst which was not directed at one particular member of the board,” according to the police report. In fact, Taylor portrayed Reynoso verbally “attacking Dobbs’ employees,” two of which were in the room during the meeting. In addition, Taylor said no physical contact was instigated by Dobbs toward Reynoso and McGee.

Taylor’s testimony is quite different than the descriptions of the scene by McGee, Reynoso and, according to the police report, board member Lisa Brunner, which in varying ways acknowledged Dobbs hovered menacingly over McGee and Reynoso while leveling invective against each. In a school board meeting soon after, another school board member, Annette Walker, also described a violent event had occurred, but sided with Dobbs.

However, McGee told police, at one point, Dobbs yelled at him, “I’ve been dealing with motherfucking punks like you all day and I’m tired of it.” And while McGee said Dobbs did not make contact with him, he described Dobbs pushing Reynoso with an “aggressive chest bump.”

Meanwhile, Taylor, like the questioning of Dobbs’ transcripts two years prior, he again acted as the superintendent’s caretaker. According to the police report, Dobbs, who had repeatedly avoided calls by police to state his side of the story, was suddenly willing to cooperate at Taylor’s behest. “As I was preparing to leave this meeting,” the police officer wrote,”Dobbs called Taylor and I was able to speak to him.”

Ultimately, Dobbs issued a statement which never specifically apologized for his action, but included a fair amount of puffery regarding his resume and work for school children in Hayward. Dobbs was never officially reprimanded by the school board for his actions. The entire ordeal, however, will likely be campaign fodder over the next six months toward the June election.

29 thoughts on “Hayward superintendent who attacked school board joins City Council campaign

  1. That document is a fake at :


    I cannot see Dr. Stan Dobbs or Dr. John Taylor doing anything of sorts. Just look at it and see how it has been photoshopped with black marks. Again this website I agree is racist as mentioned above.


  2. What a school board meeting yesterday. I got to see the do nothing ex-mayor do nothing Sweeney support the dancing violent data Stan Dobbs. I noticed a woman mentioned exposing the connection of John Taylor and Stan Dobbs. What a a mess! How can the city council of Sara Lamnin, Francisco Zermeno, Elisa Marquez, Al Mendal, and Barbara Halliday. I am not voting for any of these clowns that continue to poison Hayward with so much corruption. These people do not believe that Stan Dobbs superintendent of HUSD is the treasurer for HUSD Board Trustee John Taylor in the city council race!! Only in Hayward can this happen only corrupt people support corrupt people. Here is the link for the non believers of the file that supports what the woman was saying about the link of corruption of Stan Dobbs and John Taylor.


    Shame on the elected officials in the Hayward city council that continue to support corruption in our schools.


  3. Black lives matter as long as anyone else does not matter according to Dancing Data Dobbs and John Taylor and not to be forgotten Lisa Brunner and Annette Walker. These are the Fantastically Stupid Four.


  4. I don't think that the Board, Personnel Commission, or the interim Director of Classified has a clue of what they know what they are doing. It's all political bullshit for personal gain.


  5. Hayward school district does a very good job by going down hill with Dobbs and Taylor I don't think they need Reynoso's help on that. From what I have been watching on cable it is Reynoso that is always calling out these crooks. Why does the Hayward school district pay so much to all these people and not get any results. What is this contractor for $1000/hour that Reynoso complains about? Does anyone know? Yep it is REynoso and MCgee the only thing worth listening at these meetings. The other 3 district board people not sure what they do except take orders from Dancing Data Dobbs. Way to go Ann Walker, Lisa Bruner and John Taylor


  6. Since Reynoso has been on the Hayward School Board test scores have gone down. He has absolutely no clue and is a disgrace.


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  8. I agree with 1:47 pm. When Vigel was the Lord and Master, Certain schools within the Latino circle got preference. The District needs a Supt. that is fair and impartial and looks over the district globally instead of special interests and tries to share the wealth of school interest and school improvement projects equally and provide transparency on how and why things are being done. The public is focused only on the school that their children attend.


  9. From what I have seen over the years in those meetings Lisa Brunner is part of the problem too. Hayward schools are doomed. McGee and Reynoso and more in particular Reynoso is about the only thing worth paying attention to. You may not like what that man Reynoso has to say but he speaks the truth. Peace out all on those racism comments above. Black lives mater has nothing too with calling a spade a spade if black is corrupt it is no different than white being corrupt being a crook comes in all colors. Get over it there is no racist here.


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  11. This site gives the community the other side, otherwise all we would see is the pony show. So, with that I say thank you and hope that Lisa Brunner with the support of McGee and Reynoso will put corruption back in its place.


  12. If Hayward Schools are “the best in the Bay Area” why doesn't Hayward City Councilman Al Mendall have his kid attend school in Hayward? Taylor is dishonest & corrupt enough to serve on City Council. Plus he has a shady back story that would take the spotlight off of Greg Jones and his adulterous past during this upcoming election.


  13. By MW:

    Based on the comments I have been hearing of late about Dobbs, it would seem to be a huge waste of talent to limit him only to Hayward, and perhaps further yet only to Hayward's School Board.

    More specifically, Dobbs seems so extremely wonderful. that I think we should at the minimum get him a seat on the AC Board of Supervisors, or better yet in the California State Legislature.

    And if we did get him a seat on the AC Board of Supervisors and if he then did also get to be good buddies with Nate Miley, then anytime anyone thought his First Amendment right to free speech even included the right to say anything that Miley or Dobbs might not like, Miley and Dobbs could then yell and scream together and in unison in an attempt to intimidate the person into being silent.


  14. There is nothing corrupt about a great superintendent like Dr. Stan Dobbs and Dr. John Taylor teaming up to help Hayward. We need these two great public servants to help the city in the same way they have turned our schools around to be the best in the area.


  15. Kevin Dowling was bragging about getting School Board members elected on an EBC podcast. Nothing to brag about. He ran Dingbat Haliday's campaign for mayor. So thanks alot Kev for all that you've done to keep Hayweird down in the dumps!


  16. I have been to these school board meetings after the story broke out about this mr stan data dobs doing what he did to mr mcgee and mr reynoso. I see there is a african american group in uniform always praising this guy and I am not sure why maybe there is money in this. I talked to the woman wyn running for city council that is complaining about this stan dobs for his picture show in begining of meetings and how the other 3 board people have lied. I have to agree with this wwomn runnig for ciy cuncil. stan dobs needs to get fired and lidsa bruner and anet walker and john taylor need to leave thir seat for lying to the public about stan dobs. yes yes to 12:56 mcgee and reynoso stay strong


  17. Correct! Board members are there to serve the interest of the taxpayers and the community, and should not be a flock of sheep and not be influenced by people in positions who are there to use them for personal political gains. They need to stand their ground and say no to the issues that are not beneficial to the taxpayers who are not seeing improvement to the sites that really need the improvements, rather than the political capital gain projects that will change nothing.


  18. Seriously, Dobbs resume is all bullshit. If he claims to be a Stanford graduate then to fool people he probably only went to a 4hr conference which was delivered at the conference room that is rented for training. Many conference companies use that Stanford address so that their attendees can get a conference certificate with the Stanford address on it. That form of deception is known in the seminar industry to fool uneducated people that anyone with a conference Stanford certificate graduated from Stanford…very sneaky and very bs. How do I know? Because my boss does conferences at the Stanford facilities.

    Look directly from the conference site at Stanford.

    “Stanford’s newest conference facility at the stunning Li Ka Shing Center is tailor-made for hosting memorable, state-of-the-art meetings and conferences. Impress your group with meetings…”


    Hayward must be really ghetto as mentioned above if people can be fooled so easily.

    But, seriously this superintendent does not have ANY educational credentials at all from any state. Ghetto is right. Look him up.


  19. Searching just now, Mr. Dobbs fails to show in Leland Stanford Junior University's internal alumni database. Is his transcript a matter of public record?


  20. That Dobbs guy is pure ghetto class for a superintendet so now to be real on above quote ”Dobbs called Taylor and I was able to speak to him.” just tells me who runs the show. Lisa Brunner and Ann Walker are ordered the same way. Mcgee and Reynoso stay strong we support you and watch these meetings keep up the good efforts.


  21. Just what Hayward needs, another honest, hard working politician! Yes that lifetime Medical Benefit is a very attractive lure. It brings out the worst of the bunch.


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