Honda receives support from four local mayors, including Fremont’s Harrison

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Rep. Mike Honda rolled out a list of four South Bay mayors Monday pledging support for his campaign in next year’s intraparty rematch with Ro Khanna in the Seventeenth Congressional District.

The endorsements cover cities representing a sizable portion of the South Bay and Alameda County congressional district. They include Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison, Newark Mayor Al Nagy, Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews, and Sunnyvale Mayor Jim Griffith.

“Fremont is lucky to have Mike in Congress,” Harrison said in a press release, in addition, to noting Honda’s help in bringing federal funding for the new Warm Springs BART station in Fremont. Nagy, the long-time mayor of Newark, added, “We need Mike Honda’s voice in Congress.

Harrison’s inclusion as the first mayor named in the release, followed by Nagy, may speak to the importance of the Tri Cities area in next year’s election, which includes Fremont, Union City and Newark. The area favored Khanna in the 2014 election. Voters in this northern portion of the district were also relatively new to Honda after redistricting in 2010. Khanna lives in Fremont.

In September, Khanna received the endorsement from the mayor of the district’s biggest city in San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. The announcement also includes support for Khanna from Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen and County Assessor Larry Stone.

Monday’s announcement follows a slew of somewhat overblown media reports in October that portrayed endorsements for Khanna from two South Bay Democrats who had backed Honda in 2014 as hints that cracks exist within Honda’s local support.

Meanwhile, as the early going of this race focuses on the divvying of local endorsements, an ongoing investigation by the House Ethics Committee into allegations Honda’s previous re-election campaigns commingled its work with the official congressional office continues to hovers over this race. It’s findings will likely shape the race through November.

7 thoughts on “Honda receives support from four local mayors, including Fremont’s Harrison

  1. By MW:

    Both the media and the general public give far too much respect to the fact that when Politician A runs for office, he then gets endorsements from Politicians B, C, D, E, F, and G “informing” us that Politician A is a wonderful person and who will do a great job for us.

    For instance, let's not forget that when Nadia Lockyer, the extreme drug addict, world class dingbat, and wishy washy idiot with an IQ lower than her shoe size ran for office a few years ago, some of the biggest boys in politics, and including both Willie Brown and Jerry Brown, endorsed her.

    And it is also extremely common that Politician A and Politician B will make a deal, in other words that A will agree to endorse B in this year's election in exchange for the fact that A will get B's endorsement when A runs for office two years later.

    In other words, when the big boys decide who to endorse, it is very often the result of a secret backroom deal and/or returning a favor.

    Therefore when deciding which candidate to vote for, as a general rule I seldom hardly give even half a hoot as to who endorsed each candidate.


  2. Khanna prostituted himself to every Silicon Valley Company that sent our American jobs overseas, raised more money, and still he lost to the likeable Honda. It will happen again because more progressives vote in Presidential election years.


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  5. Honda WAS very popular. He won in 2012 with 73% of the vote, but dropped significantly last year to 51.8%. That's over a 20% drop in just two years. Khanna started with 0% of the vote and got up to 48.2% in his first try. I'm confident that this time, Khanna will get the extra % need to send Honda packing. I used to like Honda, but he has stayed in office well way too long. I also thought his racist attacks against Ro were over the top and beneath him, his office, and the type of campaign that Silicon Valley deserves. I genuinely hope Khanna wins. He has earned it.


  6. Ummm, didn't all four of these mayors endorse Honda last cycle? What's the news here? What I thought was news in Khanna's recent announcements was that all of his new endorsements were from elected officials who had either stayed neutral or endorsed Honda last cycle. Both of Honda's endorsement announcements are from people who have always supported him. What am I missing here?


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