NRA marshaling opposition to Oakland’s proposed gun restrictions

Large capacity clips like these would be banned
in Oakland under a proposed ordinance.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | The National Rifle Association is urging its members and advocates to voice opposition to a package of gun restrictions being proposed at Tuesday’s Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee.

The proposed ordinances would make it illegal to carry high-capacity magazines in Oakland, require gun owners to store their firearms in a lock box or secured with a trigger lock, and place restrictions on licensed, but unsecured guns inside of automobiles. In addition, the committee will discuss a resolution directing the city administrator’s office to draft legislation requiring city-issued guns be secured in vehicles.

The NRA, on its website, says Oakland’s proposed laws are knee-jerk responses and reactionary. “At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that all households are different and have different needs. This reckless ordinance encompasses every home in the city, not only those with young children residing in them. This one-size-fits-all approach is a solution to a non-existent problem and is both over-reaching and not based on fact.”

The various gun control ordinance follow the recent shootings in San Bernardino along with several high-profile local incidents involving gun crimes that were committed using firearms stolen from unattended vehicles. The high-capacity magazine ban is based similar laws in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sunnyvale.

Oakland’s proposed gun legislation is backed by Councilmembers Dan Kalb, Rebecca Kaplan and Annie Campbell Washington. “We again watched in horror the madness unfolding, this time in San Bernardino.” Campbell Washington said last week. “But even our deepest, most sincere human empathy is simply not enough. We cannot sit by as NRA lobbyists protect a system that continually inflicts tragedy on our communities. It’s time we enacted policy to protect our families from the gun violence that is so prevalent in Oakland, that has taken hold of this nation as a form of widespread domestic terrorism — this legislation is an overt call to action”

Kaplan, who has featured notable support recently for reducing gun violence, lashed out at the NRA for its intransigence on guns. “The NRA claim that they are for responsible gun ownership. But leaving a gun loose in the backseat of an unattended car is incredibly irresponsible,” said Kaplan. “Letting guns be left where they can so easily be stolen is bad for public safety. And if the NRA wants guns to be easily stolen then they don’t care about safety — just about selling more guns.”

The NRA is urging members to speak out at Tuesday evening’s committee meeting and asking them to register opposition to city council members. The proposed legislation, says the NRA, will do nothing to lower gun crimes, but restrict gun owners’ right to bear arms.

Here’s a sample of the talking points issued by the NRA:

  • On banning high-capacity clips,the NRA references the lapsing of the federal assault ban in 2014 “because it DID NOT reduce violent crime AND it is a violation of a person’s right to possess and carry.”
  • On the Safe Storage Act, the NRA says such methods are not foolproof. “Reliance on devices, rather than safety rules, can instill a false sense of security that can lead to problems when a device-less firearm is encountered.”
  • Fatalities from gun accidents are at an all-time low, says the NRA. Americans are far more likely to die from car accidents than due to a firearm. However, the statistic references a 95 percent drop in accident deaths since way back in 1904.

6 thoughts on “NRA marshaling opposition to Oakland’s proposed gun restrictions

  1. By MW:

    So the Demagogue Party – in other words the huge organized crime ring that has at the bottom fools and the gullible, and whose leadership is composed of charlatans, conmen, scam artists, and blood sucking leeches – but which pretends to be a legitimate political party, and whose leadership includes such creatures as Pelosi, Feinstein, the Clintons, and similar vermin, is again pretending to be in favor of gun control.

    Well, actually the leadership of the DP is sort of in favor of gun control, or at least for little people, and while its bigshots, and such as for instance Feinstein, will continue to do whatever they want, and which is why Feinstein, and who insists on her right to carry a gun in her own purse, is in favor of gun control for virtually everyone else.

    However even if we had the very toughest gun control laws imaginable and also were willing to spend unlimited amounts of money to enforce them, they would still be totally meaningless as long as the DP stays in love with the idea of allowing virtually unlimited illegal immigration, and including since poor people and people who are recent immigrants vote for the DP in huge majorities.

    In other words as long as the borders are virtually wide open, even if a person is in favor of gun control, how on earth could it possibly be effectively enforced as long as the borders are wide open, and including since the DP wants the borders to be wide open, and no matter how much various DP bigshots, and such as for instance Obama, once in awhile make public statements in which they pretend they want to restrict the access of illegal immigrants into our country!!!


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  4. Oakland's daily shootings have absolutely nothing to do with legislation banning big magazines and unlocked firearms at home or in a car.

    This legislation gives our Council members something to do.

    Something else to do might possibly be to deal directly with the problem of too many people in Oakland shooting off guns on a daily basis, killing 100 Oakland citizens a year, injuring several hundred and traumatizing thousands.

    Dealing with what is actually happening in Oakland could amount to some real problem-solving but our elected officials simply aren't interested in what's real.


  5. By MW:

    So a bunch of Bay area style politicians, and who are nothing but demagogues and charlatans, but who pretend they are true and wonderful liberals, are again pretending they are going to make their city (and in this case Oakland) a better and safer place by passing more and tougher gun control laws. That is a funny one.

    If Oakland's politicians were really serious about trying to make Oakland a better and safer place, they would enact some extremely strong laws to control demagogues, charlatans, and world class nitwits such as Desley Brooks.

    However by having a joker such as Desley Brooks as one of its most prominent politicians, perhaps Oakland is merely trying to imitate San Francisco.

    For instance, SF's Nancy Pelosi said, “You can read it after we pass it;” SF's most prominent politicians, and including Mayor George Moscone, gave Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, testimonial dinners and never stopped talking about how wonderful Jim Jones was; and US Senator Diana Mentally Retardedstein definitely “knew” that Bill Clinton, and who in addition to being a politician is also a lawyer, had not done anything improper with Monica Lewinsky, since Bill Clinton had told Mentally Retardedstein that he had not.

    It's truly amazing that someone could become a US Senator, or for that matter even a minimum wage employee at McDonalds, who believes, or even pretends to believe, that a statement must be true since it was uttered by a creature who is a politician and/or a lawyer.

    In fact, we could write a book on all of the scam artists, lowlifes, phonies, parasites, and professional pathological liars that US Senator Diana Mentally Retardedstein totally and implicitly trusted – or at least pretended to totally trust.

    So let's go Oakland, keep on working hard at it to see if your politicians can be as phony as San Francisco's.


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