STATE SENATE | 7TH DISTRICT | A bill introduced last week by Southern California Assemblymember Cristina Garcia to remove sales tax on tampons was, at first, met with skepticism from Steve Glazer, an East Bay state senator whose politics in known for its moderate flow. That is, until Glazer chose Twitter to have an intimate father-daughter conversation about feminine hygiene.

// first-year state senator representing the state senate’s seventh district, however, didn’t need much coaxing by his daughter. Glazer responded with the fatherly tone of an 80s sitcom dad.

Cue the happy ending.

And despite the fact Glazer just won this seat last May, the seat is up for re-election this year. Potential rival, fellow Democrat Susan Bonilla said last fall she is not running. Republicans Rodney Spooner and Joe Rubay are two early challengers for the June primary.