Oakland Airport expects 500 private jets clogging East Bay skies for Super Bowl

Traffic in and around the Oakland Airport during 
Super Bowl 50 may be equal to Thanksgiving.

OAKLAND AIRPORT | For NFL teams competing for a spot in the Super Bowl, success usually comes through the air. It’s the same for some of the richest people in the world arriving, game tickets in hand, through Bay Area airports next month.

At the Oakland Airport alone, between 400 and 500 additional private jets carrying wealthy fans are expected to touchdown for Super Bowl weekend, said a representative for the airport.

In total, over 1,200 private jets are estimated to arrive in the Bay Area for the big game, the Federal Aviation Administration told airport officials. “It’s an extraordinary amount of jets,” said Matt Davis, assistant aviation director for the Oakland Airport.

Not only will the skies over the East Bay be noisy before and after the Feb. 7 championship game, but so will the roads in and around the Oakland Airport, which expects traffic comparable to a Thanksgiving holiday, said Davis.

In addition, residents in Oakland and along the bay in Alameda and San Leandro will likely hear additional jet noise over their homes. “This event will have some impact for the community in terms of the number of jets,” he said.

That’s because the Oakland Airport may facilitate all the extra airplane traffic with runways it does not typically use. “Flight patterns may be different than what people are accustomed to be seeing,” said Davis. But any changes in runway use are the Federal Aviation Administration’s call, not the airport’s, he added. The airport will mitigate some of the activity, said Davis, by utilizing runways that lead over water, instead of over the East Bay.

But, the additional airplane noise over the area and crush of traffic could be worsened by an additional set of factors, said Davis. Teams who advance to the Super Bowl which have larger national followings may bring even more airplane traffic to the area. Two such teams, the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, fit that description.

President Barack Obama also plans to attend the game—likely arriving at a venue closer to the stadium in Santa Clara—which may put further stress on the Oakland Airport, said Davis, after additional security measures shift more airplane traffic to the East Bay.

The good news, though, is that many of these well-off football fans are expected to have their private jets fired up and ready to leave, according to Davis, beginning as early as the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

2 thoughts on “Oakland Airport expects 500 private jets clogging East Bay skies for Super Bowl

  1. By MW:

    Several decades most of my grandfather's family lived in New York. However a few of them did eventually move to California, specifically the Los Angeles area.

    And then almost every single time one of the relatives still living in NY would go to visit a relative now living in California, that relative still living in NY almost as soon as he or she returned to NY would then start making plans to permanently move to CA. So therefore after awhile I had very few relatives still living in NY but tons of relatives in the Los Angeles area.

    And that was part of a phenomena that is hardly unusual: one, people leaving various other sections of the country, and especially the colder climes, and such as for instance the East coast and the Midwest, to move to CA; and two, coming to CA only to visit and/or take a vacation – but then deciding as a result of that visit to move and to permanently settle in CA.

    So if any of the people coming in on those five hundred planes decide not to go back, then the airlines would have some empty seats on the planes that were going back to such places as NY, etc.

    Since it is not cost efficient for airlines to fly planes that have a lot of empty seats, let's stick as many of our Bay area politicians as possible in those planes when they leave the Bay area, and not just in the passenger section, but we could even stuff them in the baggage compartments.


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