State Sen. Steve Glazer is again taking the right
side of the tracks.

STATE SENATE | 7TH DISTRICT | Day Four of East Bay State Sen. Steve Glazer’s Twitter rant against BART workers resumed Monday.

Following the malfunction of dozens of BART trains near the Pittsburg-Bay Point station and subsequent shut down of services, Glazer has taken to social media to lay the blame on BART union employees and their salaries.

Rest assured, his sentiment is nothing new. Glazer’s nascent political career first gathered steam after he began demonizing the BART strikes in 2013. Last Thursday, Glazer kicked off his string of tweets critical of BART, including management and, of course, transit employees

Glazer has been willing spar with whomever rebuts his position, including one who equated Glazer’s position toward workers to Donald Trump and another who questioned why Glazer is a Democrat.

Clearly, Glazer is trying to capitalize on the recent BART shut downs for political points in a state Senate district that largely agrees with his anti-union rhetoric. Glazer is facing re-election for the first time year, but his continued reliance on the BART strike/shutdown meme coupled with his strong insistence to link himself to Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker is beginning to show a slow, but deliberate descent toward the right. Look at it a different way, Glazer is clearly not showing any signs of veering to the left. That’s for sure.

UPDATE: Glazer’s Twitter rant, Day Six: