Who has money in the Hayward City Council race and who doesn’t?

Hayward Councilmember Elisa Marquez has
the most unencumbered available cash in  the
10-person June council election.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | In a place like Hayward where daily reporting on City Hall is non-existent and community apathy is high, candidate for the City Council often rely solely on direct-mail campaign literature to engage voters.

And because a $20,000 campaign war chest usually more than enough to cover the costs of running, Hayward’s race this June for four at-large seats could be decided on who has the money for postage needed to churn out effective mailers.

So, who has money and who doesn’t, according to the latest finance reports through the end of 2015?

Only 5 of the 10 candidates filed finance reports through Dec. 31, 2015. Councilmember Al Mendall leads the field in cash on hand with $30,397, but he also possesses the largest amount of debt–$20,094. The total includes two $10,000 personal loans to his campaign, issued in October of last year.

That being said, Councilmember Elisa Marquez, who was appointed to the council two years ago, has by far the most stable campaign account with $24,332 in cash reserves and no debt. Former Councilmember Mark Salinas reported $7,155 in ending cash through 2015, followed by Councilmember Francisco Zermeno with $3,630 in available cash, but also $16,000 in loans. Hayward school board member John Taylor reported $2,200 in cash.

The next campaign finance reporting deadline–the first of two “pre-election” filings–is April 28, followed by May 26.

Other candidates for the June election who have not yet filed campaign finance reports: Hayward businessman Brian Schott; retired Hayward department head Matt McGrath; community activist Wynn Grcich; real estate agent Leo Ram; and security guard Kenneth Rollins. Current Councilmember Greg Jones is not running for re-election.

Special interest groups may also be a factor in Hayward’s council race. A quick reading of many of the candidate statements shows they believe support for public safety is popular among voters. The Hayward Firefighters Political Action Committee (PAC) reported cash reserves of $21,661, through Dec. 31. The Hayward Police Officers Association PAC reported $17,743. In addition, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce’s PAC, Good Government Now, showed $3,053 in cash on hand.

20 thoughts on “Who has money in the Hayward City Council race and who doesn’t?

  1. I think your post is very interesting and mostly i keep looking for like this type of websites where i learn or get new concept.


  2. Being smart is not a requirement to be Mayor or a council member in Hayward. Unless you consider The Loop an act of inspired genious or spending 80 million on a new library, while crying “broke” and espousing the virtures of fiscal responsibility at the sametime. Ex-councilman Quirky Bill is a Rocket Scientist, so I guess he was the smartest one on council at the time. He may have been there before the loopy Hayward Loop decision, but I think he supported the expensive new library. Kind of funny, because when he was a “Community Activist” he complained about the cost of the fabcy City Hall building. Hayward wasn't on the brink of financial disaster back then.


  3. Regular people can't afford to buy a seat on the dais. The Sweeney Cronies get reelected by People who like getting taxed to death. Vote them out for talking the talk and having zero follow through.


  4. If you people are so smart, why don't you run for office? We need alternatives, not just blamers and complainers.


  5. Effective mailers can get spoiled when these clowns open their mouths. Downtown revitalization, opening stores and restaurants, things for the kids to do. What did we end up with, The Loop and horrendous looking high stacked multi unit housing units. More people living here to drain our limited resources and create traffic jams. Vote out the incumbents, save money and eliminate one council position due to budget cuts. Mayor dumb cluck's vote counts so she can be the tie breaker if Fran David ever lets them think for themselves and vote their own conscience. Yeah, perhaps not because consciences are not required for those jobs.


  6. I thought Mendall & Jones were working on rewriting campaign contribution rlues, mailers and called for more transparency because of special interest groups and PAC's. Police and Fire are wuick to suck up to council so they can keep getting those raises.Grease the wheel boys and girls.


  7. Salinas is the worst of the lot, besides Halliday but we are stuck with her and that annoying laugh/gasping sound she always makes. Mendall says a lot, but makes little sense and too much of that goes on already. McGrath was a city staffer which means he follows the true leader–Fran David. No thanks! Marquez rubber stamps and follows the herd. Get new people with good ideas to turn things around. We need new things on our plate, not the same old slop city hall keeps serving us.


  8. That Marquez lady is the worst… McGrath is going to win this race I believe it! Salinas is creepy mccreeperson.


  9. This analysis is spot on! Mendall and Marquez are the front runners. Zermeno will struggle as always. Salinas is working hard as usually but will he have the money. Schott has some name ID but can he turn down the crazy? McGrath is wracking up endorsements but will he have money? Taylor is going no where.


  10. Anna May, thanks for telling Greg not to run for city council again. Hayward is on the road to recovery. Now we need to bounce out Al Mendall & don't vite Salinas back in either. Say bye bye to the Sweeney clones.


  11. Yepers that Marquez woman is an embarrassment just like that Zermeno guy I hope they do not get elected. All they ever say is stupid things like moving forward but never anything of substance. Get these idiots away from city council. Do not vote for incumbents on city council.


  12. Another know nothing politician. Not sure where these people come from. I have been watching these meetings and this woman Marques is terrible. She never says anything of substance. Don't vote for this lady.


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