Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley fights back Bryan Parker’s call for change

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley awaiting
his opponent Bryan Parker, with campaign volunteer,
Bob Swanson in the foreground.

The opening round of what many think will become a hard-hitting race for Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley’s District Four seat failed to deliver much punch Tuesday night as both as he and challenger Bryan Parker only took exploratory jabs at each other at a forum in Castro Valley.

“I don’t see the sheriff in the room,” said Miley, “so I know we’re going to have a good, civil discussion this evening.”

“I will if you will,” said Parker. And for the most part the first meeting of the candidates for the June primary was without incident. Parker, a former Oakland mayoral candidate in 2014, pledged new energy for the district which represents East Oakland to Pleasanton. Miley, meanwhile, spent most of the forum touting his accomplishments over the last 15 years in office while defending the Board of Supervisors record.

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“Even though I’ve had success,” said Miley, “I’m not resting on my success. Success is only temporary. It’s only ‘What have you done for me lately’ and I haven’t done enough for you lately. I’m looking to do more and I hope you rehire me.”

Bryan Parker and Nate Miley taking questions
at a town hall in Castro Valley.

On a number of occasions Parker attempted to cast Miley as entrenched and lacking vigor for the job. On the topic of enacting term limits for county supervisors, Parker agreed with the sentiment. Without them, said Parker, “We have staleness and we lose passion to do the job.”

The lack of term limits at the county level has proven effective over the past two decades in keeping incumbents in office. Before Parker’s challenge this year, Miley has faced a primary opponent twice since being elected in 2000. A petition for placing the term limits issue on the ballot was floated last year, but later withdrawn by its proponents. “It’s up for the voters to decide,” countered Miley. “I think having a seasoned county supervisor is fundamentally important. It’s not on-the-job experience.”

Later, on the issue of economic development, Parker attacked, this time, asserting business plans in the unincorporated areas are not being executed in a timely manner, despite evidence of available real estate. Miley, though, said Castro Valley Boulevard’s extensive streetscape remodel has been successful and his office is currently studying the feasibility of projects all over unincorporated Alameda County. “These things don’t happen overnight,” he said.

Parker then charged Miley and the Board of Supervisors with “analysis paralysis” when it comes to the area’s public works projects. Miley shot back, “I like to get results. I like hard hats, cranes, bulldozers—to me, that’s the smell of progress. I don’t have any paralysis. Let’s keep moving forward.”

With a $350 million countywide housing bond expected on the November ballot, Miley urged public and private entities, including non-profits to add to the housing stock as much as they can. Parker agreed, but added, the county should pass a living wage ordinance “so people can stay in their homes.” Both voiced strong opinions against any type of rent control in unincorporated Alameda County. Parker said it does nothing to address shortages in supply. “I think that’s a disincentive for building more housing stock,” he said. Miley response was brief. “I agree with my opponent. We don’t need any rent control.”

The desire of some Castro Valleyans to secure greater control over their government over the past few years has led to discussions for removing Miley’s sole power to appoint the area’s lone form of local government, the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Committee, with a board elected by residents. An offshoot of this discourse has also again raised the issue of incorporation, which voters have voted down three times, but not since 2001.

On one side, Parker said he supports an elected MAC to allow for more public control of government and would lay out a 10-year plan for incorporation if voters support such a plan. Miley, though, has taken no stance on the MAC issue, saying he wants to gauge public opinion by first placing the matter on the ballot. However, a majority of the Board of Supervisors did not lend support for the potential initiative last February. Later, Miley expressed doubt whether the voters in Castro Valley want an elected MAC or incorporation. “I think people think the county is doing a good job.”

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  1. That's priceless…term limits are “Up for the voters to decide”…not if threats from the District Attorney keep it from getting on the ballot. Miley knows this. That's why he spouted such an asinine response. And really Miley…? Quoting Janet Jackson…? He's a loser.


  2. immeasurable NFL teams square measure traveling distinct, with patience waiting patiently for that cool January day once they will stun the country and end the large nfl live stream unsuccessful. thus UN agency can be sudden very Dish champion return February?


  3. By MW:

    If Nate Miley, and who normally pretends to be an extreme liberal, is openly opposed to the politically correct position of being in favor of rent control, then I would assume he is making an all out effort to get large election campaign contributions from the big boys of the real estate industry.

    (NOTE: While I myself believe that price controls are normally long term suicide, however I have a hard time believing that the positions of a guy like Miley would be based on anything other than what he feels would be the best for himself, and rather than what is best for the general public.)


  4. By MW:

    As an addition to my above post, it is also quite possible that Miley is hoping that one or more of his children will be offered a high paying job by some wealthy businessman who is opposed to rent control, but regardless I wouldn't trust Nate Miley even if all he said was, “Good morning.”


  5. Hear, hear!


  6. Miley has done more for Castro Valley and the BOS District 4 than I think you realize. He gets things done.


  7. He gets things done for himself. Miley said at a public forum that he does not get involved in Oakland because it's “Too messy” so when people from Oakland call his office his staff fob them off by telling them that they need to call Larry Reid's office for help, which is not true. Then they laugh about it because they know that Larry Reid's office is not going to do anything for the person either. Terrible representation.


  8. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 4:45.

    While Miley is a liar, weasel, sleazeball, and in general as totally untrustworthy as can, still furthermore the very first rule of most organizations and bureaucrats, and especially government organizations and bureaucrats, is to insist it is someone else's job.

    In fact once when a cousin of Jerry Brown was the guest host for a day on a radio talk show, I asked him about how to get a proper response and follow through from a government agency, since every single govt agency I had contacted about a particular problem had given me nothing but a lot of lies and a big big runaround, and he responded by saying it was normal procedure for govt agencies to pass the buck.

    More specifically, there was a large SF office building that was saving tons of money by doing its asbestos disposals, illegal asbestos dumping, and asbestos “cleanups” by using crews of undocumented aliens as unwitting and unprotected dupes, and then firing them without pay, AND UNDER THREAT OF TURNING THEM INTO IMIGRATION FOR DEPORTATION if they did not just quickly disappear.

    (Most of the undocumented aliens did not even realize it was asbestos, but just thought they had had been doing ordinary janitorial and cleaning up and dumping plaster and dust. However it also caused conditions)that will undoubtedly eventually lead to slow mass murder among many of the building's tenants and visitors, and including from lung cancer and mesothelioma.)

    So I contacted, and repeatedly, various state and federal agencies about the situation. None of them gave a hoot, and even though the building, and which although it was privately owned, also contained a lot of government employees, since it was renting space to various govt agencies.

    Each federal agency insisted I should contact a state agency about the problem. And each state agency insisted I should contact a federal agency about the problem.

    And OSHA was also extremely insistent that it was none of its business and that instead I should contact the INS. And the INS was just as insistent that the problem was none of its business and that instead I should contact OSHA.

    In fact, virtually every local, state, and federal bureaucrat should be required to put a huge sign on his or her desk stating, “YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK, AND IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.”


  9. Miley is a slug. I saw him at the Hayward Demos Candidate Night. Unfortunately Parker seems rather lack luster himself. Late for the interview. Kind of like “I want your vote, but I'll be there when I want.”


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