LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Podcast with guest San Leandro Mayor Pauline Cutter


San Leandro Mayor Pauline Cutter

EPISODE 20 | San Leandro is on the rise, if you can believe it. The momentum has been building for years and finally many in the tech world and potential home buyers are beginning to notice Oakland’s neighbor to the south.

San Leandro Mayor Pauline Cutter joins the East Bay Citizen Podcast to discuss her city’s newly found perch as a place other East Bay cities look to for leadership. Later, she talks about development of the San Leandro Marina, its downtown fiber optics loop sought after by industry, and the possibility one day of citywide free WiFi.

The city’s first-ever medical marijuana dispensary is due to open later this year and another is already out to bid. Things are changing in The ‘Dro, that’s for sure.

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2 replies

  1. Chief Harris of the Juvenile Justice Center, is using Bullying, Cronyism, Favoritism, and Corruption to run this place!!! This is happening in “Your” City Mayor! Can your Office look into it, and “Help” the Kids, and Employees up there, because obviously she has friends on the Board of Supervisors, who won't remove her,and name an Interim Chief! Help Them Please!!!!!


  2. How about the nepotism at City Hall?
    Mayor Cutter's daughter hired by rec depet


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