CA17: Ro Khanna’s new ad portray him as a cool cat fighting the fat cats in DC

Ro Khanna after announcing his second campaign
against Rep. Mike Honda in April 2015.

With a catchy baseline and quick edits, Ro Khanna’s first campaign commercial of this election season may finally capture the cool Khanna that until now his past campaigns have failed to grasp.

“Like this place? Me neither. Corrupt. Owned by these guys,” the throaty narrative intones over the image of the U.S. capitol and someone, presumably, a Washington insider smoking a cigar.

Titled, “Rest of Us, the 30-second spot taps into voter dissatisfaction with Washington and highlights Khanna’s pledge against accepting political contributions from special interests and political action committees.

The ad, which will be run along several social media platforms, is clearly designed for smaller screens. With large fonts to convey Khanna’s message along with closeups, the ad should play well on smartphones that many rely upon to access video and other news content.

The video also appears to be a different tact being made by the Khanna campaign. Some of the video clips of Khanna have been seen before in commercials from two years ago. However, the editing style and other accoutrements such as the short, clipped narration repackages the message into something more effective and easily digestible for voters accustomed to getting information from Facebook and Twitter.

In turn, it actually makes Khanna seem cool and hip, a personality trait many do not attach to Khanna, but which is actually genuine. If the cool Khanna can catch on, it has a chance of overshadowing Rep. Mike Honda’s own strength as the fun-loving grandpa, which is also apt and not highlighted enough, either