Swalwell on Parker: ‘He will bring new energy and ideas’ to Board of Supervisors

Rep. Eric Swalwell posing with Parker volunteers
at a Pleasanton farmers’ market earlier this month.

East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell is again bucking the local party machine. He has endorsed former Oakland mayoral candidate Bryan Parker over incumbent Nate Miley in the June Alameda County Board of Supervisors race.

The endorsement could be a game-changer because of Parker’s significant fundraising prowess and because his campaign has been focusing on engaging voters in the District 4 areas of Pleasanton and Castro Valley—places where Swalwell, the two-term congressman, is extremely popular.

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In a statement Wednesday, Swalwell praised Parker’s candidacy for its potential to bring change to the board of supes. “I’m supporting Bryan Parker because he will bring new energy and ideas to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors,” said Swalwell. “Bryan is a collaborator who knows how to bring people together to get things done. Bryan’s leadership will help create more local jobs, grow small businesses, and protect our local environment.”

Four years ago, Swalwell, like Parker this election cycle, challenged the Democratic machine and defeated 40-year incumbent Pete Stark on a pledge to bring new energy to Congress. That Swalwell is using nearly the same language to describe Parker’s bid to unseat Miley, a 15-year incumbent himself, is not surprising, because they share the same playbook. Parker’s Walnut Creek-based political consultant Lisa Tucker worked on Swalwell’s 2012 campaign. [CONTINUE AT OAKLAND MAGAZINE]

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5 replies

  1. By MW:

    I have attended many public meetings at which Nate Miley was one of the main people in attendance, and he has regularly emphasized how extremely lucky we are to have as fine and wonderful a person as himself representing us.

    While he has often made comments along the lines of that the people who have in recent years been members of the AC Board of Supervisors: one, have been extremely fine and wonderful people; and two, therefore we ordinary residents of the County have been extremely lucky to have such fine and wonderful people representing us, however he has also seemed to be under the impression that he himself is unusually fine and wonderful even based on those standards.

    So therefore I am one hundred percent confident that there is absolutely no need to even slightly consider replacing Nate Miley, and nor any other members of the Board of Supervisors, and therefore I demand we cancel all future elections and instead grant all of them lifetime appointments.


  2. By MW:

    With Nate Miley presently representing us, we are extremely lucky to already have someone with tons of ideas and tons of energy.

    For instance, it is truly a sight to behold the way Miley often extremely energetically rants and raves and yells and screams when someone says something he disagrees with. In other words, Nate Miley is a modern style “liberal,” and which is a creature who believes in an “improved” version of “free speech,” and which means that anyone is fully entitled to exercise his First Amendment rights to free speech as long as whatever he says supports whatever is the very latest politically correct “liberal” lies, garbage, and nonsense at that particular moment.

    And Miley also has tons of ideas. And to give just a few examples.

    Miley “knew” beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yusef Bey, in other words the human trafficker and enslaver, was an extremely wonderful and totally trustworthy person. In fact even after Bey was exposed as a human trafficker and enslaver, Miley still “knew” that Bey was wonderful.

    And Miley “knew” that the presence of so called medical marijuana clinics in Alameda County would not cause any problems. And even after those medical marijuana clinics, and largely due to Miley, were established in AC, and the presence of them led to shootings and deaths, Miley still “knew” that their presence would not lead to increased violence, shootings, and deaths.

    And Miley “knows” that AC's Public Works Agency, and whose upper management is heavily infested with crooks, scam artists, and professional pathological liars, is totally and absolutely trustworthy. In fact one of Miley's IDEAS is that since the PWA is composed of such extremely fine, wonderful, intelligent, competent, and totally trustworthy people, that therefore anything said or written up by the PWA we ordinary residents of AC should not be allowed to challenge or appeal, and instead that the virtually non-stop lies, garbage, and frauds perpetrated by the Public Works Agency should be treated as the gospel truth.

    So I dare you to find anyone with more energy or ideas than Nate Miley.


  3. No more Miley.


  4. Oh boy, another Democrat, black lawyer from East Oakland! Sounds like “Hope and got any Change?” By the way, Swalwell is a douche. Sam Middlekauff approved of this message (Tojo was lukewarm).


  5. …And there it is! Racism is alive and well on EBCitizen.com. 9:24 pm…what an ignoramus. If you don't know what that means, put down the six-pack of beer and look it up in a dictionary. That's where they put the big words.


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