IE supporting Nate Miley is running a radio ad that targets Pleasanton voters

The IE supporting Nate Miley is running a radio
spot three times-a-day in the Tri Valley.

Pleasanton Families for Supervisor Nate Miley, the Independent Expenditure Committee formed earlier this month in support of the incumbent supervisor, and largely funded by donors who previously gave to his re-election campaign, has released a radio commercial.

The 60-second spot, which has been broadcast three times a day since last Thursday is running on the Tri Valley radio station KKIQ-FM. (LISTEN BELOW)

The ad is similar to a mailer sent last week by the IE that highlights Miley’s endorsements from the entire Pleasanton City Council and features Mayor Jerry Thorne and Councilmember Karla Brown.

“We don’t always agree, but the Pleasanton City Council agrees on one thing this election, Supervisor Nate Miley is the best choice for Alameda County supervisor,” Thorne says at the beginning of the commercial.

The focus on Pleasanton through the IE and a mailer from Miley’s re-election touting the backing of its city leaders, strongly suggests the campaign is hoping to shore up support in the eastern portion of District Four, which also includes East Oakland.

Voters in Pleasanton are the least likely to be familiar with Miley since he has only represented the city since redistricting in 2011. Furthermore, the city was put in play earlier this month when popular Rep. Eric Swalwell endorsed Miley’s opponent, Bryan Parker.

In addition, Pleasanton is also the only city in the entire East Bay that includes a Republican majority of council members.

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4 replies

  1. By MW:

    But what if Miley loses his battle for re-election? In that case so as to replace his lost salary, he would need another job.

    But I know of the ideal job for Miley, a job that would match his “skills” and “talents” perfectly. In other words, he could get a job with Alameda County's Public Works Agency in a position in which his responsibilities would include doing phony, scripted, choreographed, and prearranged “investigations” so as to “prove” whatever lies, garbage, and nonsense that the Board of Supervisors and/or the management of the Public Works Agency had already decided it wanted “proven.”

    More specifically, Alameda County government, and including its Public Works Agency, will always find plenty of room for someone who is a liar and/or a weasel, and especially if the person is extremely willing to assist in scams designed to rip off the general public.


  2. By MW:

    In an article I recently read in a Bay area newspaper that was discussing the race between Miley and Parker, and which included statements from Miley as to why we should keep the present regime in place, in other words vote to re-elect and retain him, and rather than bringing in a new face, Miley made one of the funniest, stupidest, most outrageous, and most ridiculous statements of all time.

    Specifically be said, “The County is well run.”

    Well, if the goal of Alameda County government is to totally screw up almost everything it touches, and I strongly suspect that it is, then based on that “standard,” yes, the County is “well run.”

    However a lot of parasites and blood sucking leeches, and many of whom are probably paying under the table bribe so as to be awarded contracts, probably love the extremely incompetent and totally corrupt way Alameda County has been run for decades.


  3. This IE is made up Nate Mikey insiders and contributors who are using this shell “organization” so that Miley can claim he has not gone negative.

    Look at the names who are funding “Pleasanton families for Supervisor Nate Mikey 2016” none of them are Pleasanton families, and they are the same campaign contributors as his reelection canpaign.

    Nate the Snake is trying to slither away from the truth. Don't be duped!


  4. Nate wishes to be re-elected so he can continue his habitual rape of the public for his own sadistic purposes. Shove him out the door by voting him out of office.


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