The Center for Responsive Politics has found 17th Congressional District candidate Ro Khanna received more contributions from Wall Street interests than any other non-incumbent running for Congress this year.

The non-profit, which operates, the website that tracks the flow of money in American politics, found Khanna has raised $480,500 during this election cycle from Wall Street interests.

In 2014, during his first attempt at unseating Rep. Mike Honda, Khanna received $629,950 from the same sector of donors, according to the report. Honda has received $40,450 from the same general special interests group.

Honda’s campaign moved fast to disseminate the report Wednesday afternoon, sending out a press release labeling Khanna “Wall Street’s Newest Empty Suit.”

Khanna’s campaign spokesperson Hari Sevugan, said the Open Secrets report incorrectly incorporates Silicon Valley venture capitalists with Wall Street investment bankers.

“This attack shows either Mike Honda is purposely ignoring the conflation of Silicon Valley and Wall Street to mislead voters or Mike Honda thinks entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are the enemy,” said Sevugan. “Either way this desperate and false attack shows he isn’t fit to represent the district any longer.”