Republican Ron Cohen says bouncing checks is
a felony and Ro Khanna should withdraw from 
the race or pay back the non-profit.

Republican 17th Congressional candidate Ron Cohen says Ro Khanna should drop out of the June primary race after “bouncing” a $1,000 check to a religious non-profit four years ago.

“Bouncing and not replacing a check is a felony,” said Cohen, a Fremont certified public accountant running his first campaign for public office. “Whether or not it was done due to a political dispute about abortion is irrelevant, it is still a felony.”

An East Bay Citizen report last week found Khanna canceled a $1,000 donation to a Livermore non-profit set up to organize a large-scale reenactment of Jesus’ birth, including 125 actors, livestock and a replica of the nativity manger.

Ro Khanna says the declaration is “ridiculous.”

One of the organizers, a former Silicon Valley executive named Chuck Bellavia, said Khanna abruptly canceled the check in late 2012, but it was too late for the non-profit to remove Khanna from the event’s program and signage.

Cohen, which one recent poll shows is running a distant third in the six-person June Primary, said, “There are so many things ethically wrong with what has occurred.”

“Mr. Khanna has intentionally committed a crime and refuses to correct the situation by simply making a $1,000 payment for advertising services he clearly received from a charitable organization,” added Cohen.

“This is not the type of behavior we need in a candidate for Congress,” said Cohen. “I ask Mr. Khanna to withdraw from the race.”

Cohen is also urging Khanna to replace the canceled check with a personal check to the non-profit. That would be difficult, however, since the non-profit no longer exists.

In a text message, Khanna called Cohen’S declaration, “ridiculous.”