Talk of censure for Hayward trustee who misused school district resources

Censure could be detrimental to Hayward school 
trustee John Taylor’s re-election effort this fall.

HAYWARD | Days after an investigation found a member of the Hayward school board misused district resources for his own recent city council campaign, there is talk of censuring him for his actions.

Hayward school board member John Taylor admitted that he used a district print shop for his unsuccessful run for the Hayward City Council earlier this summer.

During a meeting on Wednesday, Hayward school board member William McGee raised the possibility of formally censuring Taylor for his actions in the near future.

The school district first learned of the incident with its print shop as part of an on-going investigation of Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs, who was placed on paid administrative leave in June for a variety of alleged wrongdoings.

Taylor told the school district that he was unaware the use of the print shop was prohibited, but that he reimbursed the department for their work product.

The possibility of censure over the course of the next few weeks or months could be detrimental to Taylor’s hopes for re-election this November. Taylor was elected in 2012.

He and two other incumbents on the Hayward school board are being challenged this fall by a slate organized by various local officials and the NAACP. Currently, up to seven candidate could be vying for three at-large seats on the school board.

20 thoughts on “Talk of censure for Hayward trustee who misused school district resources

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  2. This is time we need to clean the whole house …( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
    I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
    How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.


  3. Don't fire the trustees with balls like Dr. Reynoso. I will vote for him and so would my family. Instead get Walker and Taylor for not helping to fire the violent Sup Dobbs. We need more people with balls to help Dr. Reynoso fix the schools. It's time to clean up the house as he likes to say on tv.


  4. Fire the superintendent and the entire school board. They are all completely inept and useless to the school kids of Hayward.


  5. Censure??? Are you kidding me!! Fire his ass!!! The board has not learn from the mistake they make whit pathological liar dobbs after the chest bumping, now the liar dobbs is filling complaing !! So board ,dony do the same mistake ,no 2nd opportunities .. fire taylor!!!


  6. Dr Reynoso has been the only one whit balls to keep exposing the wrongdoing of the sup and also city council members, what is very surprising to me is that some idiots says all the wrong happening in HUSD is Dr Reynosos fault.. fire corrupt dobbs ,fire corrupt tayler ,fire lier walker, and them we move on!!!!!!


  7. If anyone goes in to the scholastic test scores from years past, you will see that scores were lower than in previous years. Although Reynoso is not a favorite character of mine, he himself is not the cause.

    Parents are not as involved as they were previously. Yes – you do have that few that are there on the sideline throughout each and every day, event, football game, performance and/or concert. Then you have others that only tell the students to get the homework done before they go to bed or don't bother at all. This is pitiful.

    Parents: get involved early. It does make a difference. Teachers appreciate an active role by family members. Get engaged in your child's education.

    I always took pride in both of my children's efforts and still do. I have also told them that they will need to get involved in school and throughout the community which involves voting. If you don't vote – – you don't have the backing to complain about what is happening throughout your community. Apparently it stuck. They vote every election. They know if they don't, I don't want to hear their mouths open and complain.

    Parents- – kick it in gear and make a difference. Your child(ren) will reap the benefits.


  8. Since Luis Reynoso has been on the School Board our test scores have gone in the wrong direction and the dissension and name calling he has done is almost childish behavior that has helped destroy our schools.


  9. Dr. Reynoso is the smartest man on that board. He wrote his dissertation on global education. Look up the paper he wrote, to get his doctrine. Hayward school district and city council has been corrupt for years. Reynoso knows how to fix the schools, keep them up and educate the students. Keep him and get rid of the liars, who gave a false police reports about Dobbs chest bumping two trustees. Brunner admitted she lied to give Dobbs another chance, now she has come to her senses. Keep her.There was other people in the closed door chest bumping session besides the trustees. Why didn’t Hayward police interview them? I hope this goes to court and when the truth comes out, Walker, Taylor and Dobbs need to go. The assistant superintendent who is going to sue the school district needs to go too. She was in the chest bumping room. Was Mrs. Salinas in that closed door session? Is that why she quit when more corruption and lying happened after the chest bumping? If Salinas was there, she needs to testify. I can’t wait to hear who Dobb’s doctor is who gave him the medication that made him go crazy, if they go to court. Dobbs is suing for defamation of character. If he is caught lying about the surgery and medication, Dobbs defamed himself. Fire him!


  10. An independent facilitator for the California School Board Association called in to help Hayward said “I've never seen it this bad anywhere in this state.”

    She also said “the majority of your time is spent on allegations, petty grievances and things that don't matter to kids, when the majority of your time should be spent on student learning achievement.”

    In this writer's opinion, Reynoso is the one most guilty of this, and he should withdraw from the Board race immediately for the good of our students!


  11. Luis Reynoso knows nothing about education and has helped destroy the Hayward Schools for years. Get rid of this worthless excuse of a School Board member.


  12. @7:40 Be real here! You need at least 3 votes on a school board of 5 to get anything done as you suggest and we all want. It does not matter how good your evidence is if you can't get 3 votes nothing happens. I think the NAACP, teachers union, and Hayward city council have been trying to make sure that superintendent Dobbs would not get fired and they want him to come back. I think Reynoso has been trying to fire that phony superintendent but he is one vote and he needs at least 2 more . I don't think that it was not until just now that maybe just maybe and hopefully there might be enough votes to go against the NAACP, teachers union, and city council to bring in a broom and clean out the district and fire all crooks and violent managers. I have been watching these board meeting for years and it really seems that Reynoso is the only one elected politician that really cares about education and anything in this area. Even just watching the Hayward city council I see now what Reynoso means by they should clean their house first. Too many killings in Hayward. Where is the numskull Lamnin and the idiots Zermeno, Salinas, Marquez, Mendal, and Halliday to fix this? I will vote for a fighter that will vote his conscious and not be afraid to ask the tough questions and vote NO when you have to. Let's keep very real here, Reynoso makes even the city council afraid that now someone is even criticizing the city council is not working for the city of Hayward. I wish we would have more people like him to go after the unions and contractors in the school board and hayward city council. I am tired of paying too much taxes for a ghetto Hayward. Why can't we have more Reynosos to clean up this mess? I am moving god willing soon.


  13. The Board was given evidence of Dobbs' wrongdoing in May 2015 – several months before his outburst at the Board Meeting held in September. With the acceptance of his behavior and intentional acts previous to that, his outburst in September just put icing on the cake. Lack of action taken then by the Board – unless it was to have charges proceed and held for prosecution – they accepted Dobbs and his tantrums.

    Taylor and his cohorts on the Board need to go. Clean house. Do not vote for incumbents. We need a Board that will lead by example. The current example is not working!


  14. Good POINT, 10:26pm! If a teacher or classified employee had done the same thing, they would have been fired on the spot.


  15. Someone should have had the stones to fire Dobbs when he flipped out on Reynoso.It would have been less expensive.


  16. No settlement. Go to court and expose everything.

    Taylor was never going to win a council seat. He cosigned for Dobbs and now his credit is ruined.


  17. By MW:

    Based on the “standards” of Bay area politics, if it can be proven that John Taylor engaged in activity that was outrageous and/or illegal, then he should be given a promotion and a large pay raise.


  18. Dobbs is about to be more than praised, 8:34am; very much looks like Dobbs has filed a lawsuit against HUSD. So the bully will walk away with not only his 250K severance salary, but with a fat lawsuit settlement as well, while both the children of HUSD and the employees continue to languish – the children under dysfunctional leadership and the employees under district policies that cause them untold stress and financial problems.


  19. Ineffectual City Leaders want to replace ineffectual School Board Members? Yet they praise Dobbs for embarrassing himself and the Hayward School District even more than their own actions have tainted Hayward. That's really pathetic.


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