Honda beats Khanna in celebrating Indian Independence Day.

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | If there’s a portion of the South Bay’s 17th Congressional District that Rep. Mike Honda could pick up a few precious points this November, it’s in Fremont.

So, why not start with Fremont’s large Indian American community–a group assumed to belong to Ro Khanna?

One way to begin chiseling away at Khanna’s perceived strength is by outsmarting him on Indian Independence Day.

At least on Twitter, Honda’s campaign beat Khanna by nose when it comes to wishing this growing South Bay demographic a happy independence day.

Honda’s tweets arrived at 12:45 p.m. Monday, followed by Khanna’s post 12 minutes later.

Khanna’s reference to his grandfather’s involvement in the Indian independence movement has often been his response to Honda’s well-known history in the Japanese American internment camps during World War II.