Sharp rise in Democratic registration is making Catharine Baker blue

Assemblymember Catharine Baker broke with 
Republicans and supported SB32 on Tuesday.

There’s more reason for East Bay Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker to be worried about her general election matchup with Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

The Democratic Party in the state grew by 10 percent through the first six months of this year, according to the California Secretary of State. Democrats added around 700,000 new voters, while Republican tallied about 130,000, a 3 percent increase.

This is not good news for Baker, whose 16th Assembly District straddles Contra Costa and Alameda Counties and is highly sensitive to changes in demographic. It’s the one district in the East Bay that Republicans have the numbers to be competitive, but barely. In 2014, Baker became the first GOP state legislator from the East Bay in six years.

In Contra Costa County as a whole, Democratic registration rose by 9 percent, and Alameda County saw an increase of 13 percent, according to the secretary of state.

While the math is increasingly looking bleak for Baker since Democrats are expected to vote in higher numbers during this presidential election, it makes sense for her to shift to the center. On Tuesday, Baker voted for Senate Bill 32, climate change legislation strongly opposed by her own party.


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11 replies

  1. Baker should be gone come November 9th


  2. We love Cathy Baker, and she is here to stay for another ten years–until she is termed out.

    My Lesbian slut wife and I, as Democrats, will be supporting her because she is a true moderate. Not like that Cheryl Crook person. Cathy will win it hands down!


  3. Cook-Kallio is a moderate Democrat. It may be a close race, but with the huge turn out in November of Democrats, don't bet your car that the more conservative Baker will win. You might be walking.


  4. Cheryl Crook is a bought and paid for union whore. Cathy Baker is the most moderate progressive we've had in the longest time who hasn't sold out to the union sluts. She will be returned to office hands down against this no-name has been. Cathy is an incumbent who cares about her constituents. She wins easily.


  5. Do you realize how offensive you and Baker are? You and Baker are not even close to being moderate, but very close to being Trump-like.


  6. Residents need to know the truth about Cheryl Crook–and boy is she one!

    Love our moderate Cathy Baker!!


  7. Baker is a Republican conservative. Cheryl is a moderate Democrat and that's why she will win in November.


  8. We were always taught don't you ever support union whores, aka Cheryl Crook. She will follow the last union slut, Tom Mitbranti, who was kicked to the curb in the last cycle. He will good company with Cheryl CROOK!


  9. You sound like Donald Trump and his supporters. He will lose badly just like Baker because of name calling. Cheryl is a moderate Democratic woman and will win.


  10. My Democratic family of 6 will be voting for Clean Cathy Baker since she is a true moderate and can't be bought by dirty, corrupt unions. We had been undecided but now understand that she is an independent voice for our values. I've never given money to a candidate before but my grandchildren have shown me that this election is too important.

    Our household is for ASSEMBLYWOMAN CATHY BAKER!


  11. Cheryl Cook-Callio is a horrible, horrible person. I don't know her as a politician, only as a teacher and she is a disgrace to the profession. My children attended the high school where she taught and she made the remark in a meeting where I was presesent “I'm so glad I don't have to teach those kids”. “Those kids” referred to students with IEP's. As a teacher, she was only willing to teach honors kids and god forbid if your kid did not fit into that mold – she wanted nothing to do with “those kids” and actively worked to shut them out and deny assistance.


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