EBCampaign: Look out! Is Mary Hayashi getting back into the game?

Is Mary Hayashi making some sort of a comeback? The San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday that the disgraced former East Bay assemblymember who was caught stealing from Neiman Marcus in 2011 was the emcee at a function for Illinois U.S. Senate hopeful Tammy Duckworth. Hayashi has rarely been seen in political circles since her ill-fated 2014 run for the state Senate. In that race, Bob Wieckowski‘s campaign used Hayashi’s past legal trouble to devastating effect. But her appearance at the San Francisco fundraiser follows numerous East Bay polticos receiving a LinkedIn notification from Hayashi in recent weeks. Some took it like she’s getting back into the game, at least, in some type of capacity. According to her LinkedIn page, Hayashi has served as project manager for the Silicon Valley Women’s Sports Safety Initiative since December 2015. Aside from her precipitous fall from grace, many tend to forget how Hayashi ruled the district with an iron fist. She was feared by many and destined for higher office, but that all changed one day in October 2011 over a few tops and a pair of leather pants.


DAYS OF THEIR LIVES Hayward continues to be the East Bay’s best and longest-running soap opera. After its school superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs, currently on paid administrative leave, appears to be suing the Hayward Unified School District, his days in the Heart of the Bay are obviously numbered. In fact, he could be out of job by early September. Dobbs’ consigliere, Hayward school trustee John Taylor, appears doomed to see past the November election. He’s up for re-election, but the investigation that found Taylor used school district resources for his unsuccessful City Council campaign last spring, also makes his re-election very unlikely. In fact, there are some rumors that he will pull out of the race for three open seats. Dobbs and Taylor, however, might not be the only public officials harmed by this entire ordeal. That’s because the incestuous ties between Dobbs, the Hayward business community and the City Council runs the possibility of others being exposed this entire affair. For one simple fact, because Dobbs is on leave, he isn’t around to stymie or meddle in the school board’s past bids to investigate possible wrongdoing. Sources tell me the first fruits of the board’s independence will implicate Dobbs and lay the groundwork for his dismissal and maybe others.

Nancy Skinner and Sandre Swanson

SKINNED It’s hard to discern, at this point, whether Nancy Skinner‘s release of internal polls is anything but a chance to gloat. Earlier this month, Skinner’s campaign touted another poll showing a dominating lead for the former East Bay assemblymember seeking a promotion to the state Senate’s Ninth District. The Aug. 8 memo shows Skinner leading fellow Democrat Sandre Swanson by 18 points, 45%-27% percent. The spread is about the same as the June primary when Skinner won 48 percent of the vote in a four-person race. In addition, according to Skinner’s survey, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump among Ninth District voters, 84% to 9%.


WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN Former state Sen. Ellen Corbett’s foray back into electoral politics at the East Bay Regional Park District Board and the candidacy of former Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer Hosterman for the BART board makes for an interesting connection. At one point in 2014, both were eyeing challenges to then-first-term Rep. Eric Swalwell. Hosterman had second thoughts and Corbett went on to a humiliating third-place finish in the primary, losing out in the Top Two to first-time Republican candidate Hugh Bussell. Now, both Corbett and Hosterman are seeking down-ballot office. Corbett’s path for replacing retiring EBRPD Director Doug Siden is much more clear. Meanwhile, Hosterman is challenging incumbent BART Director John McPartland in the Tri Valley and Castro Valley district. McPartland, you might recall last year, sought a concealed weapons permit because he feared reprisals from his own constituents angry over the BART strikes of three years ago.

To make it abundantly clear Jean Quan does not
have a mustache.

HERE AND THERE Speaking of Ellen Corbett, her brother Kevin Corbett is running this fall to unseat Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb in District 1…. Rep. Eric Swalwell was so outraged this month by Donald Trump’s comments suggesting Second Amendment fanatics harm Hillary Clinton that the only outlet for his anger was to put out a fundraising email asking for campaign contributions… Just an observation: Did Oakland Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney just learn how to use Twitter? Maybe it was a coincidence, but just as six potential challengers pulled papers for her seat, McElhaney began tweeting up a storm that included subject seemingly unrelated to the city… Jean Quan didn’t like that I tweeted a photo of her recently sporting a mustache. The point of the joke was to suggest the at-large Oakland council candidate Bruce Quan was actually Jean Quan in disguise. She didn’t think it was funny…


Oakland voters should not miss the political buffet happening this Thursday. The Alameda County Democratic Party is holding an Oakland City Council candidates forum on Thursday, Aug. 25, 6-9 p.m. at the Elihu Harris State Building, 1515 Clay Street. All five of the contested city council contests will meet in forums moderated by former Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris.

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4 replies

  1. By MW:

    Considering the “standards” and “ethics” of Bay area politics, and also the phoniness and “integrity” of the typical Bay area politician, a complete clown and joker such as Mary Hayashi is the absolutely perfect person to be deeply, and fact totally involved in it, and therefore if she does not get back into Bay area politics, I will be extremely disappointed.

    Of course just in case we cannot find a position in Bay area politics for her, we could always place her in a box and then ship her by way of the post office, UPS, or FedEx to Barnum and Bailey's Ringling Brothers Circus with a note informing the circus management that after so many years in Bay area politics, Mary Hayashi is now more than qualified to be the circus's head clown.

    And some candidates for elected office run as a team, and rather than individually, and with the most prominent example being the candidates for president and vice president of the United States normally running together as a team rather than individually. So let's have Mary Hayashi and Nadia Lockyer run together as a team for elected office, and in fact they can run together as the candidates of the Clownsocratic Party.


  2. Mary Hayashi has yet…to this day…actually admitted she intended to steal the $2,500 worth of goods.
    Look at her 2014 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle
    She is a mental case.

    Careful study of the following store video shows Mary doing the crime with full awareness.
    If you forward to 27:00 on the tape, (slow it down), you can see Mary bending over, reaching into the bag… at 27:11, the bag she brought into the store…supposedly to return some merchandise..
    See her reach into the bag, take the items to be returned off the top.. while looking directly into the bag…the bag that also contained the stolen goods.. then covering up those stolen goods with some paper, before placing the returned goods on the counter.

    Mary… how in the world could the stolen goods end up “under” the goods you were returning, unless you placed them there, on the bottom of the bag, while in the dressing room?
    Caught red handed… caught on clear video…and yet Mary keeps up the denial that she deliberately stole the merchandise.
    She would have been convicted in 5 minutes if she had not copped a plea deal.
    She deserves to be hounded for decades unless and until she admits to the crime she clearly did.
    She has zero credibility until she comes clean.

    The video will hopefully survive for decades, continuous proof that Mary continues with the big lie.
    I'd love to have Mary try to explain the moments caught on the video.
    Slow the video down to .25 speed and advance it frame by frame.


  3. Let's all here it for Mary HO-yashi–NOT!!!


  4. She and her husband need to move. But sadly only the very few actually pay attention to the people and propositions they vote for the others just vote by who the person or proposition were endorsed by. The blind leading the blind.


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