One more time, says Barbara Lee, I didn’t endorse Oakland council candidate

Peggy Moore during a candidate forum in
Oakland last month.

Oakland At-Large City Council candidate Peggy Moore said last month it was an error that a push poll advocating for her campaign included the endorsement of Rep. Barbara Lee and Assemblymember Tony Thurmond.

Neither had offered their backing and Moore apologized for the mistake. The pollster who administered the survey, EMC Research, later took responsibility for including Lee and Thurmond in the poll’s script.

Now, Lee, easily the most popular politician in the East Bay, wants to make it clear one more time–I didn’t endorse Peggy Moore.

Barbara Lee speaks for herself: I didn’t endorse
Peggy Moore or any council candidate.

In a press release Wednesday, Lee’s campaign (Yes, she has a campaign this November against Republican Sue Caro) said it has always been the congressmember’s policy to avoid endorsements in City Council races within her 13th Congressional District. That would include Moore’s bid, along with three other challengers, to unseat Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

“Congresswoman Barbara Lee has not endorsed Peggy Moore in the Oakland City Council at large race nor does she intend to endorse Peggy Moore,” said the campaign. “Any indication to the contrary is simply false.”

The rebuke is a tough hit for Moore’s long-shot campaign that many suspect was encouraged by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Moore was a key component of Schaaf’s mayoral campaign and currently serves as one of the mayor’s staffers.

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