‘Shake up’ in Berkeley mayor’s race: Bernie Sanders endorses Jesse Arreguin

Bernie Sanders puts his stamp on the Berkeley
mayor’s race this fall.

BERKELEY | Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, the darling of progressives nationwide, is endorsing Jesse Arreguin for mayor of Berkeley.

“Berkeley is known across the country and the world as a progressive, trailblazing city. And so Berkeley needs a truly progressive Mayor,” said Sanders. “That is why I endorse Jesse Arreguin. Jesse Arreguin will be Berkeley’s kind of Mayor. He is a tireless and effective champion for workers’ rights, for civil rights, and for social justice. He will not rest until Berkeley works for everyone, not just the few.”

Arreguin’s campaign called the surprise endorsement a “remarkable development” and “an absolute, no doubt about it game-changer.”

Berkeley Councilmember Jesse Arreguin

Arreguin, who also serves on the Berkeley City Council, is vying this November along with councilmembers—Laurie Capitelli and Kriss Worthington—and five others to replace the retiring Mayor Tom Bates in Berkeley.

Arreguin is one of 100 local candidates across the country to have received Sanders’ backing this fall, according to Arreguin’s campaign.

“Sen. Sanders’ presidential campaign inspired millions of people—many for the first time—to get involved in the political process, out of the simple belief that in this country our government belongs to all of us,” said Arreguin. “Throughout Senator Sanders’ career—as a Mayor, Congressman, and United States Senator—he has never backed down from fighting for the people. It is in that spirit that I commit to serving as a Mayor for all Berkeley residents.”

Sanders’ rock star status among progressives in Berkeley and the the East Bay has the potential to greatly differentiate Arreguin from the field of candidates.

For the former presidential candidate who fell just short of upsetting nominee Hillary Clinton this year, Sanders is hoping a successful foray as kingmaker in local politics may also foster a lasting legacy in places like Berkeley.

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5 replies

  1. Bravo to EBCitizen for breaking the news first. Now we have Daily Cal and LA Times, too. Does anyone hear the crickets though over at Blatantside? I take it they're a bit upset that their favored candidate isn't going to get a bump from story.


  2. Why is he endorsing someone without talking to the other candidates? Machine politics at work again.


  3. I don't think that means what you think it means.


  4. By MW:

    In regard to endorsements by Bernie Sanders:

    Now with the latest example of Hillary's “wonderful” health, in other words her collapsing this morning at a ceremony related to 9-11, and even after her team of liars and c0-conspirators had arranged within the last few weeks for her doctors to issue a report “proving” that she was in “excellent health,” will Bernie Sanders be willing to again endorse Hillary for president!!!

    In fact, perhaps we can arrange for Jonathan Gruber, in other words Nancy Pelosi's favorite “expert,” to do a study of all recent doctors' reports on Hillary's health, and then summarize all of those medical reports in such a way that it will be undeniable “proof” that Hillary is “extremely healthy.”


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