Eric Swalwell silent on whether he still supports ex-Hayward supt. who allegedly abused his mistress

Rep. Eric Swalwell and Stan Dobbs in Washington D.C.

HAYWARD | Does Rep. Eric Swalwell still support the fired Hayward superintendent who verbally abused two school board members last year, intimidated employees and allegedly struck his mistress in the middle of coitus?

Swalwell’s office did not respond to an email sent last Friday on his current stance toward former Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs, who the two-term congressman has supported in the past. In fact, as recently as Thursday, the day after the Hayward School Board of Trustees voted to fire Dobbs with cause, Swalwell criticized the action.

“With many challenges still to face, it’s too bad that (the district) has chosen to go forward without the man who helped get it back on the right path,” Swalwell told the San Francisco Chronicle. The article, though, was published shortly before the school district’s devastating report on Dobbs was released late Thursday afternoon.

Swalwell’s support for Dobbs is nothing new. At a town hall meeting in Hayward Aug. 13, Swalwell was asked to by a member of the coalition seeking to replace three incumbents on the school board this November with a slate of their own candidates whether he would join the group.

Swalwell declined, saying he does not typically get involved in local grassroots political organizations. However, he then added strong support for Dobbs retaining his job at Hayward Unified.

“On a personal level,” said Swalwell. “They really need to bring back Stan.” He then lauded Dobbs for his work in improving home sales in Hayward and promoting local businesses.

However, Swalwell has not made a public statement on the Dobbs firing since Thursday’s report that found Dobbs often berated school employees, allowed free reign of the district’s print shop to a school board member running for city council; allegations that he mislabeled as a “substitute teacher” a contract to a former Hayward councilmember worth up to $40,000 with the intent to evade the school board’s attention; among other transgressions.

The investigation also included a signed statement by a former Hayward Unified employee who said she and Dobbs had a three-year affair from 2012 through early 2015. The woman said Dobbs became jealous of her newfound freedom following her divorce. Dobbs “became very aggressive and hit me to the point that I jumped out of bed and defended myself. I told him to stop and to never hit me again,” the woman told the investigator.

Dobbs denied the affair ever took place and told the same investigator the entire story was a conspiracy created by the woman, her estranged husband and Hayward School Board Trustee Luis Reynoso to discredit him. The investigator, however, found email evidence to the contrary and concluded Dobbs’ story was not credible.

The level of ambivalence toward the astonishing allegations made against Dobbs does not stop short of Swalwell. The tweet by Swalwell last Thursday supporting Dobbs was greeted affirmatively by Hayward Councilmember Francisco Zermeno, who responded by simply saying, “Agreed.” Then, just last Friday, less than two days after Dobbs was fired with cause, Alameda County Superintendent Karen Monroe invited Dobbs to a gathering of county superintendents and thanked him for his service before presenting him with a ceremonial gavel.

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  1. Obviously given Swalwell's disgusting wholehearted support of illegal activity, violence against women, physical assault of elected Board members, and intimidation of staff members, you'd have to wonder what shenanigans go on in Swalwell's Congressional offices both here and in DC.


  2. Swalwell and Dobbs are shoe shopping buddies.


  3. By MW:

    In regard to the above post of 4:37, politicians are wonderful people. For more details, just ask them. In fact, we know a politician wouldn't lie.

    For instance when the first accusations became public concerning the relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton “proved” they were “false” by denying them, and then Dianne Feinstein and Hillary also “proved” they were “false” by using the lies of Bill Clinton as a foundation for their defense of Billy Boy.


  4. Swalwell, Hayward city council, Quirky Bill, Sweeney and the rest of his odd ball cronies knew what Dobbs was up to. They weren't playing dumb, because they are dumb. Like their hero Dobbsie, they won't admit to their own mistakes. Like Stan the Man says “I'll be back.” Wtf?


  5. You gotta love the EB Citizen, pretending like it's actual journalism. “Swalwell silent on whether he supports Dobbs.” That's not silence, that's him ignoring your email.


  6. @4:58 Eric stopped trolling Tavares.


  7. Improving home sales and promoting local bussines,are you fucking kidding me Swawell.That has never been a superintendent funtion .I get it now, so his involment in selling houses and making his own deals an businesses in the city is the reason why corrupt politicians are supporting his ass.
    Like the comercial he did when he was Assistent Supperintendent stating that we are sitting in a gold mine,refering to all the land HUSD had. What a piece of shit!!!

    Dobbs has been their perfect corrupt man to allow then to get their fucking noses in to HUSD own matters, that is the real reason they support him.
    Swawell you suck!!


  8. Cute photo of those two. I heard they went shopping for lawn furniture later.


  9. @9:19
    Is before or after Motel 6.


  10. I don’t see where anybody is talking about him giving his friends jobs. People who work inside the district office know that if you are not in his clique you can be fired or not get promoted or tortured into quitting. The Hensen part of the report is only the surface of what goes on there for workers. Management jobs have been created with top pay only to be handed to his friends. Personnel agenda Jun-17-15 $179 grand for Benson to work from home plus $125 a day if she has to come into the office. To do what? Create professional development plans for classified staff from her couch? What programs are those? Did anybody notice any classified professional development courses going on? CBO job posting $150 grand to $185 grand and only his ONE friend ended up on the ranking list? Another job also “A1” range pay like Benson’s had 7 people ranked, but only ONE ranked for a CBO job? Then her deal was sweeter than the job ad $187 grand plus a minimum 12 months pay if she’s let go or the rest of her 3 year contract whichever is greater. Did the CBO before her get that deal? No. Did any employee get that type of contract but her? No. Check personnel agenda Jun-29-15. Director of Institutional Advancement, communication coordinator – all big money jobs, all friends. What do you think the coalition is to replace the board members? If he gets his people in place and then he comes back by miracle, sorry for us, sorry for the supplies the kids won’t get. School districts have money, you see where corrupt leaders put it. So yea, I can see why everyone is trying to be his friend.


  11. Several years back, I was hired to make a difference in the District – which WE did. The state was taking position to take over the operations of the entire school district when we did not meet our required reserve levels as a result of prior administration acts. A group of us worked at least 12-15 hour days and longer if a board meeting was being held that night. WE brought the district out of the red in merely 11 short months to the tune of $18M, in addition to a $15 Million budget in the black- – Incredible to say the least. When I heard what was going on, I was approached and told that I would be one to make a difference in getting things back on track with all of the crap Stan was doing. A vacancy came up at a level I held before…. so, I myself applied for a management position at a level I once held in the District(mind you the board approved a Level I). Ms. Benson herself said I did not qualify to hold the position, of which she put in writing, although I already held the position for years with a positive trend record. Turns out, her not qualifying me led to her getting the very same consulting contract she has held for over a year directly associated with the original position that was applied for. So she literally alligned herself to a position labeling others “NOT QUALIFIED”. Someone in a higher level actually wanted me to “come home” and clean house. Ms. Benson is not only corrupt herself but has no place being in such a position given her conflicts. She is too busy acquiring personal gain at the expense of others and she is definitely willing to lie to protect herself or others.

    She retired from HUSD. She is now a Contract Employee. Once an employee always an employee. I would like to know if she is being issued a W-2 or a 1099- from a legal aspect. We cleaned up the mess before and this administration has thrown all that hard work out behind the scenes. What Hayward doesn't know won't hurt, right? WRONG! This is the exact kind of mess Hayward does not now or ever need.


  12. Swalwell needs to go


  13. I agree


  14. If I lose Nov 8, I will come to to town to make Hayward great again.


  15. ho Donald !! your a piece of shitt!! and funny, so im whit you in the lets make hayward great again, but we need corrupt city council members to achive it!!


  16. It is to bad that Swalwell is still supporting Dobbs, I guess we are going to need a new Congressman for the District, one that is honest.


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