Former CA-17 GOP candidate jumps off the Trump Train after damaging video

Ron Cohen says video released Friday of Trump 
disparaging women is too much for him.

Former South Bay Republican congressional candidate Ron Cohen took some heavy heat earlier this year for being one of the first local conservatives to back Donald Trump. He even pledged to be one of Trump’s delegates to the Republican National Convention at a time when the Never Trump movement was actively seeking an alternative to the former TV host becoming the nominee.

However, wave after wave of scandal involving Trump was too much even for Cohen. After news broke Friday of a video showing Trump participating in ribald sexual banter about women, Cohen says he’s jumping off the Trump Train.

“Well, this is just too much. It is over. I withdrawal my support for Trump,” said Cohen, who finished fourth in the June primary race involving Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna.

“Even in 2005, as a business leader; father of daughters; why in the world would he say such things in a bus full of people he just met, with a mic on his jacket?” said Cohen.

“This is not just some locker room chatter. It shows intent to use his celebrity status to intentionally exploit people—and specifically—women. It shows a lack of human humility, an essential part of leadership. Sadly, as in many situations, as the psychologists will tell you, it is not really about sex at all; it is about power.”

Cohen also believes Trump’s attempt to deflect outrage towards his comments on Bill Clinton is ill-advised and amounts to “Well, he’s worse!”

“That’s beyond childish,” added Cohen. “Except “childish” is not the right word, because this election is so important.”

Trump’s propensity for outrageous comments was a concern for Cohen even back in March. He told the East Bay Citizen that Trump’s history of making disparaging comments toward women was a concern.

Nonetheless, during the June primary, Cohen was unapologetic about his support for Trump, despite receiving numerous angry emails to his campaign website. “Saying it now, it’s not gratuitous or jumping on the bandwagon,” Cohen said in March when many conservative were considerably apprehensive about backing the controversial Republican.

A staunch fiscal conservative, Cohen believed Trump was the only candidate in the vast Republican presidential field able to reign in what he sees as a federal government racking up a dangerously high deficit.

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  1. I would like to add a few additional comments. Thank you for this space.

    I strongly support Mr. Trump's conservative positions on Trade, Jobs, and so many other issues.

    I entered politics mostly in fear of the national debt. I am a Ron Paul style, conservative Republican. The ideology of such a belief system stands on its own, and does not require Donald Trump. That ideology (well-documented on my website… I've adopted from those brave patriots that came before. That ideology will long out-live Trump, me and all of us, because such principles started with the English Magna Carta and our Constitution, that was inspired by providence through the minds of men…seriously.

    Mr. Trump is just the latest national figure to, rightly, embrace that political ideology. …and so, his movement grew.

    Yet, first a politician must meet the objective test of being an honorable person. Not perfect; but honorable. THEN, they get to “carry-the-ball” to represent conservative principles on a national level.

    I was first put-off by his comments about Carly Fiorina. We can debate her political views and her history at H.P., but an attack on her looks was a warning sign I, for one, did not take seriously enough.

    Then, now, the Access Hollywood video comes out. I hear many more are to follow of the same nature.

    Sadly, the comments on that bus were not just a bit gross and demeaning. They were not just too much information about the inner-thoughts of normal men about attractive women.

    Rather, Trump had taken ACTIONS and bragged about pursuing Nancy O’Dell, knowing she was married. His comments were unsolicited. He felt the need to say them as a 59 year old man. He was married to Melania Trump at the time. He described the events in the worst possible demeaning, objectifying terms, even insulting her current “look.” He was talking about it to Billy Bush, O’Dell’s co-worker at Access Hollywood, without any concern for her workplace environment. He talks of it as normal activity in his nature…with a MIC on his jacket.

    There are so many judgment, legal and ethical problems with all that, there is just nowhere to go…but walk away. Period.

    I have worked with many rich, powerful people. No, this video is not what most say and do in private. In fact, very much the opposite in most cases, which is why they command respect. Not all; but most.

    I can’t explain to my wife or granddaughters why I support such a person to be president, going forward.

    As a voter, I will not be reduced choosing between Hillary and her confirmed rapist-husband, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump who is now a self-identified aggressor toward women. I don’t need to make that choice. I won’t.

    And this is exactly why voter turn-out is so low, and most people refuse to get involved in politics…because it all becomes so crushing of the human spirit.

    What the hell are we teaching our children…that his is the way the grown-ups “self-govern?”

    Yes, absolutely: Hillary’s activity regarding Benghazi is worth 1000 events of Trump pursuing a married women and then pathetically boasting about it. One Clinton Foundation, stealing contributions for Haiti, is worth 1000 comments by Trump about Megyn Kelly who he attacked for reasonable debate questions.

    No matter what he has accomplished so far, which is exceptional, he cannot carry the conservative torch…and I will not vote for him in “party unity” because, “he is not as bad” as the rapist Bill Clinton and his “globalist” wife. I demand another option.

    The GOP needs to immediately get Mr. Trump to stand down as the nominee and get a replacement that represents enduring ethical conservative principles.

    George Carlin was right. There are 7 words you can’t say on television. Trump used 3 of them with intent and bizarre aggression, from a man who actually does have everything one could want in life.

    Just dumb. What a waste.

    I’m out.

    Ron Cohen For Congress 2018


  2. By MW:

    While I hardly approve of the comments and sentiments Trump supposedly made in that tape (perhaps when I am in a more relaxed mood I will listen to it), however with the only other choice, in other words major candidate, being Hillary, I therefore will continue to back Trump for president, and altho less enthusiastically than before.

    And regardless of whether the issue is sex, crude language, ethics, or virtually anything else, at least I have not heard of any whistleblowers who had nasty things to say about Donald Trump suddenly dying, and due to supposed “suicides” or supposed “accidents,” etc.

    However the list of people who suddenly died at the very most convenient times in regard to the Clintons' sleazy activities is extremely long.

    (Of course the Clintons are bigshot and politically connected lawyers. While bigshot, powerful, and politically connected lawyers pretend that they win cases due to the supposed “brilliance” of their “logic” and “thinking,” however in reality many of them prevail due to such things as: one, paying under the table bribes to various people, and including judges; two, when necessary arranging arson fires to destroy evidence; and three, when necessary using ties to organized crime to arrange murders, and altho the murders are normally designed to look like suicides, accidents, or deaths from natural causes.)

    So and while Trump is obviously far from perfect, the Clintons, and which right now are the only alternative, are thousands of times worse.

    In fact yesterday I was reading an article related to the fact that in some “primitive” and “backward” foreign countries “honor killings” are accepted as a method of silencing and intimidation.

    However in the United States, and altho we are a more “advanced” and more “civilized” country, we also have “honor killings,” although we often go through the charade of pretending the honor killings are “suicides,” accidents, or deaths from natural causes. And obviously no matter how many people continue to die at the very most convenient times for the Clintons, various government agencies, and including the FBI, will continue to do their choreographed and prearranged “investigations” definitely “proving” that the Clintons supposedly were not involved.

    And as far as all o the things the Clintons have been able to get away with, in other words not having been sent to prison for, a woman I used to frequently talk to about politics described the so called legal profession as a club. In fact her exact words were: IT's A CLUB.”

    By that she meant the insiders, and including the judges, put the fix in for each other, and also including the more politically connected lawyers. Her former husband is one of the Bay area's most prominent lawyers and at least two of her children are also law school graduates.

    She also told me that when she and her husband were just starting out and financially struggling, still at major events at which judges were present, she and her husband would show respect by buying an entire table, and rather than just one or two chairs, and even though they could not afford it, since they considered it to be a necessary investment so that eventually in the future the judges would look favorably on courtroom arguments submitted by her husband.

    So when lawyers describe their group as a “learned profession,” do not forget to laugh. It is NOT a profession, it is a sleazy mafia, and the Clintons are among the very highest ranking members of that sleazy mafia.


  3. MW: I respect your position. The Clinton's are horrible. Keep up the fight! Fight, “The Club.”

    I just pray we can do something with someone other than Trump. Sadly, you may be 100% right. State election laws simply won't allow a change at this point in most, if not all States. In some states, they are already voting by mail.

    We'll have to see what the GOP National Committee decides to do, or can do.

    Pragmatically, I believe Trump lost 5 states with due to this video on Friday. It is the worst thing since Dukakis drove around in that tank. I may be wrong, but I believe polls will soon show he has no path to win.

    For women (and men) all over the country, the “F” word, “P” word and “B” word will be ringing in their ears as the vote. What a horrible situation.

    We are beyond the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter. After all this…our chance to get a right-thinking conservative in the White House has just run out of time.

    Get ready for four years of Hillary. OMG.

    I hope this does not dissolve into a nuke war with Russia.

    Ron Cohen For Congress 2018.


  4. Sunday Morning about 10am

    Thank you again for this space!

    Mr. Trump: STAND DOWN!

    That video is so compelling because it is 100% corroboration of the narrative that Mr. Trump was, or is, a powerful, dirty old man, who is a spoiled-brat New Yorker (and, possibly, legally, a sexual predator as discussed in several N.Y. Times articles about other women). So it is not a narrative any longer. It is a fact. He was, or is, a Pig…in words and deeds. Done. Case Closed. My liberal, progressive friends were right. I got it wrong. I hate that. There is no more for me to say, except: What do we do now?

    The GOP National Committee has failed us. Rather than take a principled position on Saturday, and disavow Mr. Trump — including pulling their sponsorship for tonight’s debate with Mr. Trump — they have surrogates on Fox News spinning the narrative that Mr. Trump’s nature should be over-looked for the greater good of defeating Hillary and furthering conservative policies.

    It is so important to defeat Hillary Clinton…but not with this man. So, Mr. Trump must STAND DOWN so we can get someone else to run, and somehow work out the ballots.

    Trump is right on Immigration, Trade, the National Debt, Planned Parenthood and so many things, but I just can’t do it. That is, trade “issues” for his character. I can’t do it.

    Pragmatically, Pennsylvania and Ohio are now lost. Florida looks very bad. There is no path to victory without those three states. I predict he lost 5 states on Friday, after the video came out.

    But, some things are not just about “winning.” Somethings are about how the society functions. I don’t want to subject my granddaughters to a world with Mr. Trump as President. Nor Hillary; but we can STILL replace Trump as the nominee. The Democrat nominee is fixed, and not my issue as a Member of the Republican Central Committee of Alameda County.

    The GOP National Committee is now taking a “wait-and-see” attitude to see if this will smooth over. That is ethically repugnant. They need to throw Trump under the bus and re-group immediately, or else, in my view, they have gone to “the dark-side of the force.” They will then lose miserably, and should.

    Ron Cohen For Congress 2018


  5. This seems to be the way the ballot issue could be fixed:…by having Republican Electors in the Electoral College vote for a Republican other than Trump and then have a Republican controlled congress vote for the endorsed Republican candidate.

    What a mess!!!


  6. By MW:

    In regard to Trump's comments at last night's debate concerning whether Hillary should be in prison, it would be extremely interesting if most of the general public ever learned the full stories concerning: one, the sleaziness of organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar-Switzerland & Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence; and two, the extremely close relationships both Bill and Hillary Clinton had with Lawrence.


    Altho Lawrence went thru his charades of pretending to be a legitimate businessman, actually he was as organized crime connected as could be.

    To learn just a tiny bit about Lawrence's lies, sleaze, and phoniness, go to Wikipedia and look him up under “M. Larry Lawrence,” and with the “M” standing for Maurice.

    Lawrence not only had extremely close relationships with the Clintons, but also extremely close relationships with Dianne Feinstein, Willie Brown, John Burton, Walter Shorenstein, Bill Lockyer, and the Aliotos, in other words the “cream” of the Democratic Party. Altho it was obvious, and even before he was dug up out of Arlington National Cemetery, that Lawrence was as sleazy and as organized crime connected as could be, however since he had been an extremely important source of major election campaign contributions and huge under the table bribe, therefore the big boys in the Demagogue Party had pretended that Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.

    And since the Clintons and Feinstein so badly wanted Lawrence to become the US Ambassador to Switzerland, therefore the FBI did its job by going thru a scripted, prearranged, and choreographed supposed “investigation” and “background check” “proving” that Lawrence was an “honest” and “trustworthy” person, and therefore deserving of a national security clearance.

    For awhile John Burton even served as the attorney for a large office building in San Francisco that Lawrence was the primary owner of, a building that was operated as a politically protected center for Mafia money laundering, trafficking in undocumented aliens, and conglomeration of asbestos violations. (That building was even the subject of a full page newspaper article titled “ASBESTOS BY THE BAY.)

    Basically, the top leadership of the DP, and including Feinstein, the Clintons, and Eric Holder, has turned into a sleazy cabal of parasites, scumbags, money launderers, and fifth columnists, and which is the reason they wanted Lawrence in Switzerland.

    Eric Holder played a major role in greasing thru the nomination of Lawrence, and just as he also did in arranging a pardon for Marc Rich.


  7. By MW:

    In regard to the higher ranking members of the Democratic and Republican parties who have taken strong positions against Trump, at least most of them do not really give a hoot as to: one, what he has said about women and sex; and/or two, his supposed attitudes in general about people and so forth.

    In other words, a lot of bigshots and powerful people, and as standard procedure, regularly mistreat lower ranking and less powerful people. To many of them it is a game, and often a game they greatly enjoy. For instance, just think of all the scams the big boys at Wells Fargo pulled.

    However a lot of bigshots, and in both major political parties, see Donald Trump as a huge threat to their power and MONEY. And that is because if Donald Trump wants to be, he can be extremely efficient, and so he might put a stop to the waste, inefficiency, and huge cost overruns that are standard procedure in virtually all major government projects.

    For example, New York City had been trying for ten years, and with absolutely no success, to rebuild a large ice-skating rink. So Trump volunteered to take over the project – AND HE COMPLETED THE JOB IN SIX MONTHS, AND EVEN UNDER BUDGET.

    If Donald Trump had put in charge of building the new Bay Bridge, instead of it taking over twenty years to build and exceeding the original estimate by about nine times (the original estimate was eight hundred million dollars, but it has already ran over seven BILLION dollars), it would have been completed in one year or less and at or under original estimate.

    And that is the real reason that so many of the big boys in both major political parties so badly fear Donald Trump, in other words he might put a stop to their extremely profitable scams, rip offs, and gravy trains.

    And a huge portion of our country's aging infrastructure is falling apart and needs to be replaced. For example in a lot of our older major cities, and such as NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and to name just a few, it is estimated that for every three gallons of water pumped, approx. one gallon is lost to underground leaks.

    So in the next few decades we are going to need to replace at least trillions of dollars in infrastructure, and including roads, bridges, underground water pipes, underground gas pipes (and including so we don't have a lot more San Bruno type explosions), underground sewer lines, etc, etc, etc.

    Can you imagine what the bill would be to even slightly attempt to do even a tiny portion of the job if the phonies, parasites, jokers, scam artists, blood sucking leeches, and “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” extreme mental retards who pretend to be liberals and pretend to be “experts,” and such as the big boys in the Democratic Party, were put in charge of the job, in other words the scumbags who totally screw up, and often intentionally, virtually everything they touch.

    So the real reason so many of the big boys so strongly object to Donald Trump is they fear he might destroy their scams, rip offs, and extremely profitable standard way of doing business.



  8. Just to clarify my point, I agree with MW.

    I agree with 95% of Trumps policies…strongly. My point is that Trump is now mortally wounded. He can't win. There is so much important change we need in this country. If he can't get elected, he should STAND DOWN so the (R)s can endorse someone who could win.

    If Trump stays in the race, this will now just be 30 days of watching a slow-motion car crash as one bone after another gets crushed. Trump will lose +30 states. I wish that was not true, but it is…so for all the reasons you mention, Trump must STAND Down, so another candidate can try to achieve your goals; or at least, if we go down in flames, it is backing a more ethical human being.

    Ron Cohen for Congress 2018


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