You say Democrat, I say ‘Demorcrat’

A Ro Khanna mailer tailored to women voters in 
the 17th District contains a critical misspelling.

Whichever computer the Ro Khanna campaign was using to allegedly mine fundraising data from Rep. Mike Honda is unclear, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t have spellcheck.

Khanna’s campaign sent a direct-mail piece this week to voters in the 17th Congressional District proclaiming himself a “Demorcrat for Congress.”

The misspelling of Khanna’s own political party is featured on the front of a mailer tailored toward woman, and includes Khanna posing with his mother and wife.

The error is embarrassing for its sloppiness, but also easily derided by progressives in the district who often label Khanna as “Republican Lite.” An ability to correctly spell Democrat undoubtedly adds fodder to their line of ridicule.

It’s also not the first time a Khanna mailer contained an unfortunate error. During the June primary, the Khanna campaign erroneously jumbled the titles of a number of South Bay public officials in another direct-mail piece. Ironically, the mailer was about local officials who had “switched” allegiances from Honda to Khanna.

Another Khanna mailer in April upset some Santa Clara County Democrats when a Khanna mailer suggested he had received the party’s critical endorsement, when in fact, it belonged to Honda.

4 thoughts on “You say Democrat, I say ‘Demorcrat’

  1. Actually, it was misspelled twice. In reference only to the candidate, he meant to spell: DemHOcrat!


  2. Go whine to Scott Herold. He's the only one who still is (sorta) buying the stuff Khanna is shoveling.


  3. Khanna's April mailer didn't “suggest he received the party's endorsement,” it listed several Democratic electeds and then said “Endorsed by Democrats” (such as those just listed). “Some” SCC Dems get mad if you do ANYTHING without their permission, so that's where that came from.


  4. “An ability to correctly spell Democrat undoubtedly adds fodder to their line of ridicule.”

    You mean, 'inability,' right? Muphry's law strikes again…


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