Bonta’s bill to help public defenders better represent undocumented immigrants passes committee

Assemblymember Rob Bonta appearing Tuesday
before the Assembly Public Safety Committtee.

An assembly bill that would increase training and resources for public defenders in order to represent undocumented immigrants passed its first step legislative step Tuesday. The Assembly Public Safety Committee approved the bill authored by East Bay Assemblymember Rob Bonta, 4-0.

It moves on for discussion at the Assembly Human Services Committee on Feb. 14.

“California’s values of inclusion, compassion and justice were on full display today at the State Capitol as AB 3 cleared its first legislative hurdle,” said Bonta. “AB 3 will provide additional training for public defenders and set up regional centers around the state to ensure immigrants have proper legal representation and unnecessary deportations are avoided. This is a key piece of California’s fight against the reckless and hate-fueled Trump agenda.”

The bill aims to use existing state resources to help public defenders. While they already do an excellent job, Bonta told the committee, “Immigration law is an area where they don’t have all of the nuances at their fingertips.” In turn, undocumented immigrants risk adverse consequences, including deportation and the potential break up of their families, he added. “It’s essential that we set up our public defenders for success.”

Assembly Bill 3 is part of a collection of legislation intended to form the base of opposition to some of President Donald Trump’s proposals and ant-immigrant comments made over the past year.

Tuesday’s hearing was brief and without any contention, but there could be concern further down the line over wording in the bill that excludes private defense attorneys. Assembly Public Safety Committee Chair Reggie Jones-Sawyer recounted running into the problem regarding a similar bill he authored. Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk, another member of the committee, also supported the bill.

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  1. By MW:

    So the big boys of the Demagogue Party are going through another one of their charades in which they pretend to be interested in the health and well being of the poor and disenfranchised, and including undocumented aliens.

    Some years ago I was working in a major Bay area office building that used undocumented aliens to do most of the janitorial, and also as unwitting and unprotected dupes to do asbestos cleanups and illegal dumping of asbestos debris into general purpose trash containers. (In most of those cases the undocumenteds were also fired without pay, and under threat of being turned into Immigration for deportation if they did not quietly disappear.)

    So I wrote letters concerning that to five of the Democrats in the California state legislature. Two of them wrote me back and also pretended to be deeply interested in the situation.

    However the building's primary owner was extremely politically connected and also a close friend of most of the big boys in SF, Sacramento, and Washington DC. So actually those Democrats in the state legislature did not do anything except protect and put the fix in for that wealthy white collar criminal, and who was therefore free to continue his scams, and including engaging in criminal activities that will eventually lead to the slow mass murder, and including through lung cancer and mesothelioma, of many of the building's past tenants and employees, and including many of the undocumented aliens who were used as cannon fodder in those asbestos related activities.


  2. Name is Bob Bonta and I is fo' tho illegals!


  3. By MW:

    Related to my previous comment, as a result of the decision of the building's primary owner and his sleazy lawyers to drag things out, and including forcing me into a long battle of financial attrition, and which is a common tactic of wealthy white collar criminals who are determined to silence and destroy whistleblowers (ask Lance Armstrong and John Keker for details), I learned a lot of things about business and the so called “legal profession.”

    For instance:

    One. I learned that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession. And that lawyers are also the runaway “leaders” among all major professions in auto accidents, DUI's, suicides, domestic violence, and mental disorders.

    So anytime a lawyer tries to silence you by taking the position that since he is a law school graduate, in other words the “master” of logic and reasoning, and therefore his brain is definitely “far superior” to yours, do not just automatically shut up and let him continue his lies, garbage, and nonsense, but also get down on your hands and knees and kiss his feet.

    Two. I learned that in certain situations, and such as a large office building with major asbestos problems, if the building owner and/or one of his lawyers has ties to organized crime, then the building will very frequently go up in flames at about 3AM in the morning.

    Three. I learned that the California State Bar, in other words the organization that pretends its primary purpose is to protect the general public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent, actually has a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes selling pardons and coverups to crooked lawyers in exchange for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses.

    Four. I learned which colleges, universities, and law schools are the “very best” at producing the very sleaziest embezzlers, money launderers, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers. (NOTE: Of the “top five” institutions of “higher learning” in the entire country at producing scumbags, parasites, bloodsucking leeches, and crooked lawyers, two of them are in the Bay area.)


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