Alameda City Council to take up resolution calling for Trump’s impeachment

Rosemary Jordan, a member of
Alameda4Impeachment, addressing the
Alameda City Council last Tuesday.

When a few members of the public this week pressed the Alameda City Council to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Trump, its likelihood seemed pie-in-the-sky.

But, according to a Alameda City Council agenda posted Thursday evening, Councilmembers Malia Vella and Jim Oddie will offer a referral at the Mar. 7 meeting asking their colleagues to approve a resolution urging Congress to impeach the president.

If a majority of the five-member council backs placing the referral on a future agenda, and upon ultimate approval, Alameda could become the first city in the county to back the resolution. That is, if more traditionally progressive cities, such as Oakland and Berkeley, don’t beat them to the punch.

On Tuesday, the Richmond City Council, typically a far more progressive body than Alameda, passed an identical resolution urging Congress to file article of impeachment against Trump. [Read here the proposed resolution and description of the articles of impeachment.]

The same night, a group calling itself Alameda4Impeachment, urged the council to take up the same proposed resolution. “We think impeachment is possible and all of you on the city council can do it,” said Rosemary Jordan. “We can do this. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Gabrielle Dolphin, also an Alameda resident, said, “I believe we’re in a very critical and vulnerable juncture in our constitutional history.” She told the council the group’s effort for impeaching Trump is supported by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, a fact corroborated by his district office.

“People are crying for unified, moral leadership,” said Dolphin. “Passing a resolution for impeachment is a moral and ethical and political affirmation of our identity, saying who and what we are and what we do and do not stand for.”

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6 replies

  1. I must have been living under a rock for all these years……when did Alameda get so liberal?


  2. What's liberal about wanting a President who doesn't violate his solemn oath to preserve and protect the Constitution from Day One?


  3. Alameda talks the talk abd walks the walk. Are you listening Hayward. “The All America City.” Self-proclaimed most diverse community in the Bay Area.


  4. Grateful to see word getting out on our extreme circumstances and need to resist whenever, wherever possible. If Trump has not yet come for you or something you hold dear, just wait. Then join the growing resistance.


  5. It would be nice to see the city council put this much energy into fully funding our animal shelter


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