Alameda County may be poised to sue President Trump

Just days after an executive order signed by President Trump in late January amounted to a shot across the bough of sanctuary cities, Santa Clara County and San Francisco asked a federal judge to block the order.

Alameda County, which is also a declared sanctuary county, may soon follow suit. A closed session briefing on the matter is scheduled for Tuesday morning’s Board of Supervisors meeting. The Santa Clara and San Francisco Counties lawsuits are referenced on the agenda.

Trump’s threat of pulling federal funding from sanctuary cities presents a risk to municipalities which receive anywhere from millions to hundreds of millions in federal grants each year.

Alameda County received $424.1 million from the federal government during the last fiscal year, according to its 2015-16 budget overview. The amount makes up 17.8 percent of its entire $2.4 billion budget, the second largest portion of funding behind the nearly $1 billion it receives from the state.

In addition, Alameda County includes five sanctuary cities–Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville and San Leandro, which approved its resolution on Feb. 21.

In the case of San Leandro, the impending threat issued by the Trump administration was met with general indifference by the San Leandro City Council and its city attorney, who questioned the executive order’s constitutionality.

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3 replies

  1. The county must be bankrupted. This will be no haven for the illegals. Rule of law must and will prevail. We don't do open borders. Not before 2001 and not now. Never!


  2. By MW:

    Since the above five cities are run by demagogues, charlatans, and big windbags who pretend to be “liberals,” certainly those high ranking windbags, but who pretend to be liberals and who also pretend to believe in democracy, will be willing to put on the ballot, AND TO BE VOTED ON BY ALL RESIDENTS OF THEIR CITIES, any proposals as to whether or not their cities should be sanctuary cities.


  3. By MW:

    Actually, Alameda County should sue its own Public Works Agency for running a sleazy organized crime ring that wastes, or basically steals, the money of the County's residents, and provides little or nothing in services other than lies, fraud, and phony “investigations.”

    Basically, the primary purpose of Alameda County's PWA is to rip off the general public.


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