Nadia Lockyer posts alarmingly cryptic message on Facebook

Nadia Lockyer has made allegations against her
husband Bill Lockyer on Facebook in past.

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer wrote an alarming message on Facebook Sunday that sounded to some as a suicide note while briefly alarming her friends. At minimum, Lockyer’s comments were yet another public outcry against her husband, former California State Senate Pro Tem and Attorney General Bill Lockyer, including a reference to drugs.

“My children are the reason i’ve held on this long…but bill’s controlling ways, drugs, and dishonesty publicly have killed me, everything i ever wanted to do to help others, all about my heritage and purpose in life…i’m so very tired of carrying his cross…and my children suffer becuz of it. i can’t put them through it anymore. sabrina, anja, marisa, luke, mark, erik….please take care of my babies. goodbye,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

Bill Lockyer retired from politics in 2015.

The social media posting was first reported by the Southern California blog, New Santa Ana. There were also indications that Lockyer then went missing for a few hours after the message was posted, according to a subsequent posting.

Lockyer then deleted the posting before reemerging Monday and resuming her writings on Facebook. The Lockyers have a teenage son and young set of twins and relocated to Southern California following Bill Lockyer’s retirement from public service two years ago.

“I ran to my children….smelled their skin, kissed their checks, looked them in the eyes, and said to myself…everything will be ok, and is as it should be….with pain, there is beauty and blessings abound, and all is as it is meant to be, stood up, put a smile on, and strength became mine once again, for them, Diego, and my wonderful husband, indeed he is,” Nadia Lockyer wrote on Monday morning.

This is not the first time Nadia Lockyer has made serious public allegations against Bill Lockyer before quickly patching things up. During Nadia Lockyer’s very public downfall from rising Alameda County political star to her resignation in 2012 following drug and alcohol dependency, she accused Bill Lockyer, then attorney general, of supplying her with drugs.

The incident followed a high-profile incident at a Newark hotel room when she claimed her boyfriend had assaulted her. No charges were filed against the boyfriend who Nadia Lockyer had met in rehab during during her 2010 run for Alameda County supervisor. A sex tape would emerge. Bill Lockyer then filed for divorce in June 2012, but it was never finalized and the couple got back together.

Later the same year, Nadia Lockyer was arrested in Orange County for possession of methamphetamines, but the charges were later dropped. In January 2015, Nadia Lockyer also took to Facebook to accuse Bill Lockyer of having an affair with his former staffer Elsa Ortiz, currently a member of the A.C. Transit Board of Directors. The allegation was apparently unsubstantiated and later removed.

Aside from a few brief appearances in the Bay Area media two years ago intended to show she had remade her life in Southern California, not much has been heard from Nadia Lockyer before this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Nadia Lockyer posts alarmingly cryptic message on Facebook

  1. By MW:

    Going back decades, and in fact probably long before Bill Lockyer ever met Nadia, there had already been strong suspicions that Bill was an extreme alcoholic and/or a drug addict.

    And that is something that should be closely looked at by anyone who is trying to figure out how those two total nutcases have managed to stay married to each other for a number of years now, and rather than quickly divorcing.

    NOTE: While I realize that very likely each one is expecting the other one to die first, and such as Bill from old age, or Nadia from a drug overdose, suicide, or a car accident, and that also Nadia very likely knows enough about Bill's history of sleazy deals and illegal backroom fixes, that therefore he is scared stiff of an all out court battle, and with a lot of mudslinging, if he files for divorce, however there is also something else to consider.

    And that is because supposedly marriages sometimes manage to last a long time if both the husband and wife are alcoholics. In other words according to an item I read a few years ago, while marriages in which one partner is an alcoholic and the other one is not tend to not last long, however supposedly if both the husband and wife are alcoholics, then the marriages tend to least a long time, and similar to if both are NON-alcoholics.

    In fact, I can think of a few married couples I have known in which both were extreme alcoholics, and the marriages did last for at least decades.


  2. Yo, bitch! Who yo daddy? Spread dem legs WIDE, HO!

    Bitch Lockyer would be better off gone.


  3. By MW:

    NOTE: While Lawrence was occasionally referred to as M. L. Lawrence or M. Larry Lawrence, he was most often referred to as Larry Lawrence, and altho about a year after he died, and which is when it started to become widely known that his “history” as a “great war hero” had been totally made up out of thin air, on the radio talk shows people started referring to him as Larry “The Liar” Lawrence.

    I myself made some insulting remarks about him while he was still alive and also shortly after he died, since I had not been fooled by the lies, garbage, nonsense, and PR of him and his associates, and which caused his lawyers to take the position that I was engaging in outrageous conduct, since they “knew” it should be illegal to make insulting remarks about anyone as “wonderful” as Larry Lawrence.

    His lawyers who wanted me to be subject to an “improved” form of “free speech” included graduates of Hastings Law School, Harvard, and Stanford. Some of his lawyers did not merely serve as his lawyers, but were also business associates and also served the boards of directors of various organized crime connected businesses that were the very most central to his money laundering schemes.

    So those lawyers, and which included graduates of Harvard and Stanford, and who “knew” that Lawrence and his businesses were “legitimate,” could always give us a big laugh by insisting that they were not scumbags and/or drug addicts and/or “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” sub mental retards.


  4. By MW:

    As far as Nadia accusing her husband Bill Lockyer of being a liar and a phony, in the long run that could have huge implications far beyond anything involving only the state of their marriage and whether or not he is a good husband and a good father.

    For instance, Bill Lockyer had a close relationship with one of the sleaziest and phoniest major power broker in California and United States history, specifically organized crime kingpin M. l. “Larry The Liar – Switzerland &Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence, a guy who spread so much money around in election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, that therefore most of the big boys in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Washington DC pretended Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.

    (NOTE: You can read a tiny bit about Lawrence's lies, sleaze, frauds, and cons by reading the entry on him in Wikipedia, and where he is listed as “M. Larry Lawrence,” and with the “M” standing for Maurice.)

    For instance, the big boys of Bay area politics, and including Bill Lockyer, can insist that they did not secretly tip Lawrence off that a major office building he was the primary owner of was about to further inspected by CAL OSHA in regard to its asbestos violations.

    And before CALOSHA could further inspect that Lawrence owned building, a building that was the subject of a newspaper article titled “ASBESTOS BY THE BAY,” the building suddenly went up in flames at 3AM in the morning, and which is the standard time for arson fires in office buildings when the fire is arranged by a “torch” working for organized crime.

    It was far and away the largest fire SF had had in decades.


  5. An ongoing sad case. Sad too that local Dems were not strong enough and without enough judgment to prevent this from becoming an embarrassing, public drama. Even sadder that the GOP was not strong enough and without enough judgment to prevent what is happening to the country.


  6. By MW:

    Since Barnum & Bailey's Ringling Brothers Circus is going out of business, but the public is entitled to have entertainment, I am going to rent the Oakland Coliseum on days that the A's are not playing and then have some of our local clowns perform, in other words such politicians as the Lockyers.


  7. By MW:

    Nadia has a long history as an extreme drug addict. While among those with long histories as drug addicts, a small percentage do manage to get clean and stay clean, however the overwhelming majority return to drugs, and even though they might periodically manage to get and stay clean for a few months or a few years – BUT THEY ALMOST ALWAYS RETURN TO DRUGS.

    And still furthermore, of those drug addicts that do supposedly manage to get clean for a few months or a few years, most of them are actually still on drugs, but just talented at pretending to be clean.

    (NOTE: The biggest talents of many drug addicts are lying, faking it, being world class phonies, and faking sincerity.)

    And even if Nadia was not a drug addict, she would still deserve a place in the Hall of Fame of the biggest and most extreme idiots and dingbats of all time. So by adding drug addiction to such an extreme dingbat and idiot, we have a creature who is in serious contention for an Olympic gold medal in the category of most extreme idiot of all time. In fact, with her “qualifications,” “intelligence,” and “consistency,” she would be absolutely perfect for the AC Board of Supervisors, so let's put her back on that Board.

    Actually, the most valuable thing she has given the general public is further informing us about the lies and phoniness of her husband Bill Lockyer.

    Speaking of Bill Lockyer, for awhile he was seriously thinking of running for governor. If he had become the governor of California, there is at least a ten percent chance he would have eventually also become the President of the United States, and which means that that with Nadia, the drug addict and extreme mental retard with a law license as his wife, any foreign country that so desired could have subjected him to blackmail and extortion by threatening to expose the truth about Nadia.


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