Nadia Lockyer has made allegations against her
husband Bill Lockyer on Facebook in past.

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer wrote an alarming message on Facebook Sunday that sounded to some as a suicide note while briefly alarming her friends. At minimum, Lockyer’s comments were yet another public outcry against her husband, former California State Senate Pro Tem and Attorney General Bill Lockyer, including a reference to drugs.

“My children are the reason i’ve held on this long…but bill’s controlling ways, drugs, and dishonesty publicly have killed me, everything i ever wanted to do to help others, all about my heritage and purpose in life…i’m so very tired of carrying his cross…and my children suffer becuz of it. i can’t put them through it anymore. sabrina, anja, marisa, luke, mark, erik….please take care of my babies. goodbye,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

Bill Lockyer retired from politics in 2015.

The social media posting was first reported by the Southern California blog, New Santa Ana. There were also indications that Lockyer then went missing for a few hours after the message was posted, according to a subsequent posting.

Lockyer then deleted the posting before reemerging Monday and resuming her writings on Facebook. The Lockyers have a teenage son and young set of twins and relocated to Southern California following Bill Lockyer’s retirement from public service two years ago.

“I ran to my children….smelled their skin, kissed their checks, looked them in the eyes, and said to myself…everything will be ok, and is as it should be….with pain, there is beauty and blessings abound, and all is as it is meant to be, stood up, put a smile on, and strength became mine once again, for them, Diego, and my wonderful husband, indeed he is,” Nadia Lockyer wrote on Monday morning.

This is not the first time Nadia Lockyer has made serious public allegations against Bill Lockyer before quickly patching things up. During Nadia Lockyer’s very public downfall from rising Alameda County political star to her resignation in 2012 following drug and alcohol dependency, she accused Bill Lockyer, then attorney general, of supplying her with drugs.

The incident followed a high-profile incident at a Newark hotel room when she claimed her boyfriend had assaulted her. No charges were filed against the boyfriend who Nadia Lockyer had met in rehab during during her 2010 run for Alameda County supervisor. A sex tape would emerge. Bill Lockyer then filed for divorce in June 2012, but it was never finalized and the couple got back together.

Later the same year, Nadia Lockyer was arrested in Orange County for possession of methamphetamines, but the charges were later dropped. In January 2015, Nadia Lockyer also took to Facebook to accuse Bill Lockyer of having an affair with his former staffer Elsa Ortiz, currently a member of the A.C. Transit Board of Directors. The allegation was apparently unsubstantiated and later removed.

Aside from a few brief appearances in the Bay Area media two years ago intended to show she had remade her life in Southern California, not much has been heard from Nadia Lockyer before this weekend.