East Bay pols celebrate the Warriors NBA Finals victory

The Golden State Warriors’ second NBA title in three years means the Larry O’Brien Trophy is coming back to Oakland. The city’s victory parade is scheduled for Thursday, 10 a..m. In the meantime, with the Warriors being the only professional basketball franchise in the Bay Area, East Bay politicians can be rest assured their social media activity is bound to make everyone happy. Here’s a sample of the tweets posted shortly after the Warriors beat the Cavaliers in Game 5 on Monday night, including the hashtag #stayinoakland used below by Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb.

2 thoughts on “East Bay pols celebrate the Warriors NBA Finals victory

  1. By MW:

    Earlier today I watched on TV the victory party the Warriors and the City of Oakland jointly put on to celebrate the Warriors recent championship.

    It included beautiful and inspiring speeches from almost everybody under the sun, and including not only the Warriors' owners, but also Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf and AC Supervisor Wilma Chan.

    And one of the Warriors' owners even proved his civic mindedness by stating that the Warriors would pay for all expenses related to the celebration, and rather than forcing the City of Oakland to pay for any of the expenses.

    The whole PR show was so extremely inspiring. And as a followup, extremely prominent Oakland politician and “civic Leader” Doug Boxer, and who received a huge lightly disguised bribe, but which he pretended was a consultation fee, can now continue proceeding with his efforts to facilitate getting the Warriors to leave Oakland and move to San Francisco, and the Warriors' ownership can prove their loyalty and civic mindedness toward Oakland by also proceeding with their plans, and with the help of Doug “Mr. Honesty and Integrity” Boxer, to have the team leave Oakland and move to SF, since they think they will be able to make still more money in SF.

    And if the Warriors also win the championship next year, I demand that Good Old Doug Boxer be the master of ceremonies for any and all parties and celebrations commemorating the event. And at those parties an celebrations, Boxer can engage in non-stop gushing talking about how extremely proud he is of the Warriors and how extremely lucky Oakland is to have such a wonderful team of the very finest young men representing the city.

    (NOTE: Getting back to Boxer, one of the very best and safest ways to receive huge bribes is to become a bigshot lawyer. Since that way any bribes you receive are “legal,” since you can just pretend they are consultation fees, and no matter how extremely obvious it is that they are really just lightly disguised bribes.)


  2. By MW:

    Especially if over the next two years or so the Warriors continue their success, and such as for instance again being the NBA's grand champion in 2018 and/or 2019, it then shall be interesting if there is an overwhelmingly strong East Bay movement to keep the Warriors here, and rather than having them follow through with their present plans to move to San Francisco.

    In such as situation it would also be interesting to see how much lies, garbage, nonsense, and doubletalk lawyer-politician Doug Boxer could come up with as he tries to keep everybody happy, brainwashed, bamboozled, and in a trance.

    NOTE: Doug Boxer, and who is the son of Barbara Boxer, for awhile has been seriously thinking of eventually running for Oakland mayor. However, he is the ultimate example of a sneak, snake, charlatan, and fifth columnist. For instance, and altho he is the chairman of LET's GO OAKLAND, he accepted a fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars so as to help arrange for the Warriors to leave Oakland and move to San Francisco.

    In other words, with “friends” like Doug Boxer, who needs enemies.


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