Ro Khanna thinks Bernie Sanders should run for president in 2020

Rep. Ro Khanna

For months, freshman Rep. Ro Khanna‘s Twitter feed has morphed into a type of daily affirmation of his progressive credentials. At times the tone is similar to that of Stuart Smalley, the self-help character from Saturday Night Live created by future Sen. Al Franken.

I’m good enough. I’m progressive enough. And doggone it, people like me!

On Monday, Khanna’s avalanche of progressive declarations intended to market the first-term congressman as the new beacon of the far-left veered into an unsolicited presidential endorsement.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Khanna told CNN on Monday that Sen. Bernie Sanders should run for president in 2020. He then tweeted the story.

“If you look at from the perspective of anyone in the past, if they come that close to the nomination, they’d almost be the de facto nominee the next time,” said Khanna. “I don’t think he should be anointed — we shouldn’t make the mistake of 2016 again — but absolutely he should run.”

Khanna’s statement contains parallels to his own political experience. After falling just a few percentage points short of defeating then-Rep. Mike Honda in 2014, he built upon the close result and won the rematch in 2016 in a blowout.

But unlike the youthful Khanna, Sanders would be 79-years-old on Election Day 2020. But, that’s okay.

Sanders, though, has rebuffed any talk about running again for president.

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3 replies

  1. Ro is more unintentionally funny than Franken is intentionally funny.


  2. By MW:

    If in 2020 Bernie Sanders was the DP's candidate for President, it would be interesting the strategies both major political parties would use in their campaigns, since in 2020 Bernie would be almost eighty years old, and over eighty at the end of only one four year term, and for decades the DP has usually been running younger presidential candidates than the Republican Party.

    And also the DP likes to pretend that those who are young and supposedly also intelligent and sensible, and such as college students, have much better judgment than the “stupid” old fogies who tend to be conservatives and Republicans.

    Still furthermore, since Trump's detractors have unceasingly tried to portray him as stupid and out of touch, if Sanders, and who is older than Trump, does run, every single time Sanders said something controversial he could be portrayed as senile.

    However, the DP does have a mature and erratic drunk, and whose initials are HC, who could run in 2020.


  3. Sanders would be almost 80 years old in the next Election, although I'm good with this idea, but… I'm worried for his health 😦


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